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  1. Hi Supreme, When you release the test server need To download the classic 2.0 again or only the patch and updater ? The beta testers will get wiped before live? Any ETA available?
  2. Torrao

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    So the server Erica 5x is the test server?? In my opinion you will get alot more players if u can make raid boss like in classic**** slower and without skills ,would make players party and have more fun since the lower lvls. Like they are now they dont worth the trouble.
  3. Torrao

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    But can you tell when the new server will open Supreme? Will it be 7x classic 2.0?
  4. Torrao

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    I want free teleport till 40 and bônus top weapon no grade to all new players that create the first char on the opening day,rates 5x to 7x no need to be less ir more, GM shop for accessories like hats etc
  5. Torrao

    Voting Sites

    We already know when it will open?