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  1. Gher

    Czy ktoś planuje tu grać gdy serwer wstanie ?

    Ja czekam. Bety trochę potrwają bo admin chce ruszyć z updatem Zaken.
  2. Gher

    Bugs, problems

    Ok i wait for test quest
  3. Gher

    Bugs, problems

    1. Problem with back to town from Monster Race. 2. On classic 2.0 wolf and other pets they are disabled? 3. Price in Luxury Shop and other shops 4. Alexandria NPC on Luxury Shop
  4. Gher

    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: xGher Nationality: Poland Have you played L2 Warpgate before: No Tell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: Love PvE