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    Proof of blood

    Hello all! Please consider adding Proof of blood to the drop list of more mobs in zones like LoA, ToI, Blazing swamp, etc. In order to advance the clan you need a serious amount and farming Bloody Queens in DV till you get 15k (for clan level 5) sounds more like a punishment than a goal. As far as LoA goes, I would suggest adding PoB to the drop list of Pytans, Pytan Knights, Malruk Lords, Kariks and Bloody Snipers. Than the regent will be obtainable while farming key materials and recipes for yourself or your clan. Happy Holidays! Best Regards,
  2. Hey all, Clan Majestic is recruiting active english speaking players. We offer: - Raid/clan parties on a daily basis. - 10% exp bonus (soon to be 10%) - Newbie support (leveling gear) - Clan Hall in Giran - Friendly community Look us up in the clan entry list. *Edit: Info update 22.12.2016 Bonus exp is now 10%.
  3. Hello all, I would like to ask if Tower of insolence will be released/unlocked in the next content patch? Currently there is a very high coal "deficiency" on the server which makes the crafting of B grade and the further developing of the server economy a bit hard. There are some mobs in ToI that can mend that. Thank you in advance.
  4. Falstad

    Dual Craft stamp

    Hello all! Can anyone please give me some info on how I can acquire a dual craft stamp using the clan hall production system (according to the L2warpgate pfd.)? We have a clan hall and the production option is set at lvl 3, the highest possible (for now?). As far as I know you normally get these from Castle manor system. Info please, thank you in advance. Best regards,