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  1. MiniNoob

    1st Gay Marriage in Server

    U are my first target :)
  2. MiniNoob

    I have to...

    Im comming and u are leaving? So sad and i wanted to roll your ass again :(
  3. MiniNoob


    I know its not hard but i dont have time ...i wnt jut pvp
  4. MiniNoob


    Im sorry i dont have so much time to farm.. :/
  5. MiniNoob


    And the max enchant of weapon is +16? Need events for obtain bews or smthing lkke that to enchant weapon to +15/16?
  6. MiniNoob


    Supreme can u say me a lil infos for donations? full gear how much cost? And is the same +10/15? i dont have so much time to farm i want to come back just to make haplo qq one more time :)
  7. MiniNoob

    Wts +0 Doctorx :)

    So u are the spy which was begging for aq ring :)
  8. MiniNoob

    chat box?

    Muahaha proshajt clan u mean?
  9. MiniNoob

    Balance Class

    Yea necro ftw :D
  10. MiniNoob


    Yea can u tell us now how da fak did u have dark shield and dark shield was not in server yet? :) or how da fak u had rb jewls +20 or how much alrdy and how da fak u lost with them in oly? :Dws mage ofc :P
  11. MiniNoob


    Yea she is a noob for me but pro for u all :) and the drama started... let the QQplayers start to comment now! :)
  12. MiniNoob

    Olympics time should it be

    For sure 3h so the noobs like preaty,vibration,letsplay itd cant feed with bots :)