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    Concerning our Development's progress, here's our Task list of which developments have already been made (green) and those who have not yet been completed (red) Clan related Clan Levels Clan Wars Clan Skills Party related 9x party members Party XP / SP bonuses More then 15 levels - no experience Party matching Provisional and normal Clan Halls Provisional Auction System Provisional Clan Halls Provisional Clan Halls Manager updated Normal Clan Halls Normal Clan Halls Manager updated Humans Human Stats Human Skill status Elfs Elf Stats Elf Skill status Dark Elfs Dark Elf Stats Dark Elf Skills status Orcs Orc Stats Orc Skills status Dwarfs Dwarf Stats Dwarf Skills status Maximum Level: 75 Character / Monster level difference penalties PK and subsequential Death Penalties PK count reduction methods Character penalty upon death experience: 10% loss When character dies item drop penalty Classic spawnlist Classic teleports Classic mobs stats Classic mobs drops Classic Reputation System Classic Buylists (NPC Shops) Classic Buylists HTMLs Classic items stats Classic items prices Classic recipes Classic dyes max draw (+15 for each type) Letters Of Love What Women Want Will The Seal Be Broken Long Live The Paagrio Lord Miner's Favor Sword Of Solidarity Sea Of Spores Fever Spirit Of Craftsman Spirit Of Mirrors Skirmish With Orcs Forgotten Truth Merciless Punishment Jumble Tumble Diamond Fuss Cure For Fever Shards Of Golem Deliver Goods Sacrifice To The Sea Find Sir Windawood Millennium Love Recover Smuggled Goods Seed Of Evil Protect The Water Source Nerupa's Request Fruit Of The Mother Tree Curse Of The Underground Fortress Legacy Of The Poet Blood Fiend Shilens Hunt Mass Of Darkness Dwarven Kinship Deliver Supplies Offspring Of Nightmares Dangerous Seduction Trial Of The Challenger Trial Of Duty Trial Of The Seeker Trial Of The Scholar Trial Of The Pilgrim Trial Of The Guildsman Testimony Of Trust Testimony Of Life Testimony Of Fate Testimony Of Glory Testimony Of Prosperity Test Of The Duelist Test Of The Champion Test Of Sagittarius Test Of The Searcher Test Of The Healer Test Of The Reformer Test Of Magus Test Of Witchcraft Test Of The Summoner Test Of The Maestro Test Of The Lord Test Of The War Spirit Tutorial The Guard Is Busy Bring Wolf Pelts Request From The Farm Owner - Rancher's Plea (new Classic name) Orc Hunting Collectors Dream Trade With The Ivory Tower Orc Subjugation Keen Claws Bonds Of Slavery Pleas Of Pixies Wrath Of Verdure Proof Of Valor Wrath Of Ancestors Invaders Of The Holy Land Skirmish With The Werewolves Dark Winged Spies Totem Of The Hestui Gatekeepers Offering Revenge Of The Redbonnet Brigands Sweep The Hidden Veins Covert Business Dreaming Of The Skies Tarantula's Spider Silk Gatekeeper's Favor Collect Arrowheads Crystal Of Fire And Ice Collect Spores Destroy Plague Carriers Catch The Wind Scent Of Death Bones Tell The Future Sweetest Venom Grim Collector Vanquish Remnants Recover The Farmland Sense For Business Curiosity Of A Dwarf Arrow Of Vengeance Hunt Of The Black Lion Collector Of Jewels - Soulstone Shards (new Classic name) An Elder Sows Seeds Path Of The Warrior Path Of The Human Knight Path Of The Rogue Path Of The Human Wizard Path Of The Cleric Path Of The Elven Knight Path Of The Elven Scout Path Of The Elven Wizard Path Of The Elven Oracle Path Of The Palus Knight Path Of The Assassin Path Of The Dark Wizard Path Of The Shillien Oracle Path Of The Orc Raider Path Of The Orc Monk Path Of The Orc Shaman Path Of The Scavenger Path Of The Artisan THE FOLLOWING LIST IS NOT MANDATORY FOR BETA Warpgate NPC: Will upgrade our Server's Classic version according to Player's stats such as levels reach, farmed items amount, pvps made and several others More info soon Classic Attendance Check feature Classic Masteries feature Classic Siege System Classic Fortresses System Classic Siegable Clan Halls System Classic Olympiad System Classic Fishing System Vote Manager Seasonal Events Automated Events Anti Bot Report System Auction System Donatable Items / Skins: No Donation will influence / change in game stats Several donatable items will be available by in game farm uMaster (more info Soon) uPlay (more info Soon) uRefer (more info Soon) uShare (more info Soon) uAchieve (more info Soon) uChat (more info Soon) uMaster Panel systems are a creation of L2 Warpgate, just like Clan Ring and Master Ring and its name. Others might copy the name but its true origin is L2 Warpgate's. We're proud of such creations and we love to serve high quality and enjoy creating such high quality features. It is what distinguishes us from the others. Top PvP Top PK Castle & Siege Boss Status Heroes Historical Heroes Olympiad Ranking Warpgate NPC progress status Server Info Server Guides Classic Guides Rules Donations Forum IP.Board update Current Theme upgrade Classic Erica x5 exclusive Trailer Classic Erica x5 exclusive Installer
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    Name : pansen Nationality : German Played warpgate before: yea ofc! Gameplay style : love to pvp but I am a bit too friendly from time to time i nearly never make the first shot... So sometimes it's hard for me to find players to fight against because I am too much loved xaxaxa lol
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    Hi, this thread is about Windows 10 users who can't run the game. (Supreme please sticky this if possible) First off, I have some bad news. As it is right now, you cannot play Lineage II as a Windows 10 user. The OS is still in its infancy (not to mention that it's not Microsoft's priority to gear it towards gaming), which means that you will have to wait for a while before you can log in and play. Q: I start the game and it runs as a process in my Task Manager, but the L2 window doesn't appear! A: L2 Chronicles like Interlude use a somewhat outdated version of Themida/WinLicense, meaning that the process enters an infinite loop which prevents it from doing anything more than running in the background. This is the reason why you can't play L2 in Windows 10, YET. That's right, this isn't a very esoteric issue, since WinLicense is used in pretty much every Windows product, which means that even though it might take a while, you should eventually be able to play the game in your OS too. Just be patient like me (I have Windows 10 QQ) and the day of salvation will come. Source: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/192267-windows-10-lineage-2/
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    Eritheus will return Live how it was the day it was Shutdown in September for those who want to continue Playing it or Exchange your Items for some Goodies at Classic Erica, these Goodies are not yet "Determined". Stay Tuned and Thanks for Playing with Us! Eritheus voltará a ficar Aberto exatamente como fechou em Setembro para aqueles que quiserem continuar a Jogar ou Trocar seus Items por algumas coisas Boas no Classic Erica, os items que recebe pela troca ainda não estão "Determinados". Fiquem Atentos e Obrigado por jogar Connosco!
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    Galera Br! Fórum está com suas seções todas traduzidas para melhor entendimento e interação dos players Br's com todos os outros players! Espero que usem bastante e se divirtam trocando experiência com outros players do outro lado do mundo! Abraços, Charlie Sheen!
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    Post here if you are following any series, tv shows or any character you are fan of. Lets spend some time with fun until Classic is comming! To begin I will post of my favorite serie wich is Game Of Thrones (its not big news to anyone): Postem aqui se vocês estão acompanhando alguma série, show de tv ou são fans de algum personagem. Pra começar, posto uma frase de um personagem de minha série favorita Game Of Thrones (o que não é novidade para ninguém): "Qualquer homem que precise dizer 'Eu sou o Rei!', não é um verdadeiro Rei."
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    This week's development update involves mostly everything that has not yet been updated to Classic, more packets rework and the current status of our Forum's Theme. Classic SpawnsWe have completed updating Classic Erica's Classic Spawns, which include new mobs but also the removal of some old ones. These spawns include the ones from Classic v2.0 aswell which are hidden for early versions.Get ready cause you will start seeing several new ones where some are pretty angry. Party Matching This week we have been focusing at Party Matching. An important Classic feature to provide the best party adventures with friends you have never heard before! Join our Party! Classic Quests As you have seen few months ago at our first Beta, our Quests were outdated according to Classic Chronicle, therefore we require an urgent update. Currently my work is to start / doing / complete all Classic Quests and update them (if required) as Classic Quests. Classic Shops Meanwhile im developing our Classic Quests, our new Staff Member is updating Classic Shops (Buylists) With the new Chronicle its necessary to check everything by the book and such work can not leave loose ends. We want to provide the best gameplay to everyone with the right game economy. Several new items have been removed from shops and new ones introduced. Remember Spellbooks? Yes, adenas will be the most important currency in the game! Classic Provisional Clan Halls Worried not being able to buy a fresh Clan Hall for your clan? No problem! At Classic Erica you will notice several Provisional Clan Halls being auctioned. These are sort of "temporarily" for those who can not afford the main Clan Halls. Orchid, Ellia, Laurell. Take your pick! Orchid Ellia Laurell For now this is all I have to report to you guys. I am working hard on all the solutions L2 Warpgate needs and deserves. I would like to thank every single community member for giving me L2 Warpgate, without you guys I would make all these features with no purpose. I would like to thank you very much for it as I am truely enjoying developing it for you guys. Take care!
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    player Name: eLMaSPeOrNationality: SpainHave you played l2 Warpgate before: YesTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: i like gispa caroll milo d3mpa jery and all of u help me to get ma items cos im as lazy and high as always
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    Name : GISPA Nationality : Slovenian Played warpgate before: yes Gameplay style : craft .i. , love to make idiots QQ, specialy the selfcalled pros...
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    okay, i will come)))) and im happy cuz walker will work)))) btw where is photos from marriage ????
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    i wish you would understand the lyrics because they are pretty nice
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    not so many ? Oo lol ... U have more +17 than i have weapons at all.. and I have ony 1 +16 (present from Ivo) and Rest + 0 .... Some pple never can get enough lol
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    @Supreme 1. The server rules are hidden on the very bottom of the forum, m.b. You will pin a button or another sort of direct link on them on the top of the main page of the forum? (Because few newcomers will dig so deep to find the rules). 2. You really should add to the rules a paragraph, wich explicitly declares prohibition of any sort of bypassing of limit of windows, be it hardware or software. (Because such things are pretty common now) 3. Also you should explicitly declare prohibition on use of ANY cheats, including autoclickers, not only bots (Because autoclicker cheats in multiwindow environment give a huge advantage to cheater, that drives a party of characters, acting almost like one character, i.e. simultaneously attacks from all windows, fast and easy healing from windows, etc. Especially when it is combined with bypass of limit of windows. And such sort of cheats is very common now).
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    Buen Día a Todos. Tenía planeado iniciar jugando en el clan The Fallen, pero la verdad tienen un GMT muy diferente a latinoamérica. Por ello, tengo la idea de crear un Clan Hispano, la verdad no soy un hardcore player porque me gusta manejar los hilos desde las sombras. incluso muchas veces hago chars buffers como clan leaders; Juego L2 desde C1. Tengo 29 años y soy de Venezuela, Vivo en Colombia y lo he hecho en otros países, así que la idea es crear un clan para reunir y organizar a la extinta raza latina de gamers de l2. Ojo que la idea es crear un clan SERIO!.. en el sentido de que NO HAYAN HATERS ni contra brasileños ni rusos ni nada. Hacer CP; organizar raids y Siege a medida que avanzamos, la única contribución obligatoria que se pedirá será cuando tengamos CH, lo demás todo sera "por el clan". los que quieran, ya sean sus items viejos etc. LA IDEA ES TENER SUFICIENTES RAIDS Y FULL DROPS para que todos se sientan motivados a entregar otras cosas para ayudar a los más bajitos.. así que aquí va.. a la final podríamos tener un lindo clan Zerg! Clan Name: POR DEFINIRLeader: TeK!Members: 1 (yo por el momento).Nationality: Venezuelan.Recruitment: Whenever you pm one member of clan with priviledges. Saludos a todos, espero ver cuantos se unen a la Causa.
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    Hello everyone! I know we all were waiting patiently for this day to come. Finally we know the date when Classic Erica x5 will go LIVE! Although we have another month to wait so let's do some math. I'm sure all of you would like to know ONLINE this server will have. So let's count our members one by one. All you need to do is put following number. Hopefully we get some numbers guys! GL HF +1 2FAST2FURIOUS
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    This is only a Suggestion from Beta Testers. We all know, pet soulshots gives certain advantage if a server is starting.. BUT! it would be interesting if at any stage of l2warpgate NPC evolution, we could upgrade this feature faster and this is why: 1st it would be bad idea to have them from beginning. cuz it will give normal wizards the greatest advantage. 2it would be great to have them when chars get lvl 50 or some, so there could be more summoners around. they should exist earlier simply because in this Erica server, ppl will have money for shots and spiritshots so its not that unbalanced. Maybe you will think.. everyone will start with summoners and probably thats true. but in a x5 server you have to think a lot before raising a char just to get gear for the 2nd. Remember ths is just a suggestion, is up to you guys to implement or no. Best Regards, Tek
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    Hey Guys, i found this guide of l2classic 1.5 in english. I still dont know if it is gonna be the version at the start http://ftp.inn.eu/forum/l2/Amarantha/cl15/L2CEUpn.pdf Best Regards.
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    L2 Warpgate is now on Discord. What is Discord? Simply said; ventrilo/teamspeak and IRC in one free, lightweight application thats available on many platforms. "What do I need to install it?" Nothing, you can use the Web-based version by clicking here: If you would like to install it and make use of all the features it has: https://discordapp.com/apps Once installed you can click the following link to join L2 Warpgate on Discord: https://discord.gg/0qnUYuXY39Ics9tf "Why are you doing this?" L2 Warpgate is a community and should feel like a community. Facebook, Twitter, mass-emails, events and more will all just be means to bring us together. Step by step we're intergrating all sorts of social experiences within our community (either testing them or implementing them completely). Know that Discord is not a test as the staff will be using it internally regardless of the community joining or not. I just think it would add alot of flavour to all of us if we could chat every now and then, be it chit-chat, talking about the gameplay, future updates, ideas, out of game events or simply flaming one another. I am excited to get to know many of you better and hope to see you on actively.
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    I realy hope it will be soon must admit, that i am alreay playing another server for a couple of months and I also met some pretty nice and funny people, but I still miss this here ... The server I am playing is way more populated than warpgate ever was, but as you can imagine more players also means a lot of stupid players lol ... Furthermore it s a so called pvp server where 90% is full full full , and I am still struggling to get full ... Pretty bad for a pvp server I think xaxaxa ... And if you give suggestions to make it easier pple start qq and since I am playing there it got even harder for new players rofl ... Also miss our mature community... I know we also have some drama queens but beeing a drama queen is definitely different from being immature So I hope you are all fine and we will see us soon in game here
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    Good Morning Everyone!. This is not a crybaby post! its more like the philosophy of what is supposed to be l2? maybe l2warpgate. 1st of all.. l2 is supposed to be a game, and as such, is supposed to be FUN right?? ive been arguin with a lot of ppl about how is it supposed to be fun. 1st Point, Experience: there is no problem if the server is x1, x2, x5.. it will only define how much time it will take to get to a lvl. the race will always be the same.. the more you play, the more lvl advantage u will have, i just love the idea of low rate servers because it will mean in a pvp fight or siege, u will have a variety of chars lvls.2nd Point, Adena: Here is where all comes to argument.. I have been playing a x3 l2Classic server, and it just got bored.. not because i spend 3 days from lvl 24 to 25.. is all about the way to do it.. adena is supposed to be a part of the game IN EACH LEVEL. thats why there are so many different weapons in No grade for example, and soulshots No Grade.. it is just stupid not using SS just to save money in a game made for buying ss and all sorts of potions.. PPL SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY ALL THEY NEED IN STORES WHILE LVLING.3rd Point, Drop: Full drop maybe should be a very rare thing, but parts and materials shouldnt, almost the same as the point before, there are many many items to create and they all need materials. but if you have to save all your animal skins from lvl 1 to 40 just to craft some gloves, and still not having money to buy the stuff no grade form store, you are just in a 3RD WORLD GAME where economic doesnt work. 4rth Point, Multiple chars shouldnt be a need: contiuing the last point, im talking specifically about dwarves (buffers are other subject to this post). Ive seen ppl getting to lvl 40 in no grade, just to have enough money to get good gear to his new chars. or worse.. ppl who must create dwarves for the same reason; This creates a loop problem: if you need to get a dwarv just to buy a composite bow.. it means you lost all that exp to you main char.. and those high lvl chars are the ones who sacrifice their money for buying materials to craft more stuff and get more lvl, more adena and so..5th Point, Dont worry, it all balances at the end: The cool part about all this.. its that the game is designed in a way that at the end, the comunity controls the economy, it doesnt matter if a BW helmet cost 1kkk.. the price will be the one the market says.Conclussion: So if l2 Classic its an idea where all lvls should be enjoyed.. you should have the resources to do it. Maybe this post should be moved somewhere else...
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    Verdade.. ja to falando com a galera, quem sabe esses donations coins não venham pros BloodBrothers ;
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    Community, We're proud to present to you: (Check new Warpgate Coins Promotion Rewards below) Why did we choose for this name? We've always been a big favour of rather small words with a strong definition, a name strongly connected to our vision and a name that carries pride. We chose for "Erica" because we want the new server to be as strong, valuable, rare and most importantly feel like our loved first Erica Server. Launch date? To be decided. Development-stage is still at a rather early phase to make a proper estimation. I'll be updating you guys in about 1.5 weeks regarding this. Hopefully it will be launched November ~ December. We can't just rush the Project... Can you show us some In-Game Footage? Promotions? Our goal is to always keep L2 Warpgate on the radar. We're aware that every game has a hype-phase and that phase slowly degrades to the settlement-phase resulting into a decrease of population. That's fine, we are alright with that. But lets think about it for a second - there are thousands of potential community members out there who haven't tried our server or ever tried L2 Warpgate. Our goal is to have a solid and healthy community all playing together with a single goal - to have fun. But we have to work together as a community to reach that goal. We will provide the tools to be able to promote - but the strength of the community is what makes these tools function. We would like to Welcome you all to participate at our Forum by rewarding Top 3 Posters in December By posting, making our Community Forum Alive, you are helping Us, the Community to as being Active and Enthusiastic. We will reward at December Top 3 Posters (with most "real" posts as in not Spam or Irrelevant) with Donation Coins: 2000x Warpgate Coins (1st Poster), 1000x WCoins (2nd) and finally 500x for the third. To be elegible: Post within a Minimum amount of 50 Posts - 1 Point each PostAnnounce your Clan/Ally Recruitment - 5 Points for each ClanTalk about everything you like, other games, movies, new apps, the World, anything in the right Sections! - 1 Point each PostPoints start from this Day on! Anything else you can tell us? There's so many things i wish i could Inform you on but for now its just this. One Special favour i would like to ask is for You to Expand our words to your Friends, Foes, Family and everyone, everywhere you can. Spread the Word! I'll keep you guys updated on the progression and be sure to send out some teasers when I have some.