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    A girl denying to update the server.
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    So I saw this forum has some rude guys not really appreciating Supreme's work, meanwhile he is working hard, very hard to make us the perfect classic gameplay. To give him more motivation I decided to nominate 09/12 as the International Supreme Appreciation Day. So if you like Classic, appreciate Supreme today. Thanks!
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    I appreciate Supreme 24/7. I have a dedicated shrine in my house for him.
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    The anti-grind post. Keep in mind that rates determine the survivability of servers.
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    Hello @The Black Bird of Death, When MVP (Minimum Viable Product) state has been reached with the most possible features to call it a working non bugland Classic Server
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    I think rates just ruin the game. 1X is the best.
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    Sorry cant update now else leechers will try to get infos from Warpgate