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    Fixed issue while removing a clan from clan entry when deletion happens Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 Exp Sp individual Level Penalties Removed overhit from effect param, in several Skills where it not used Added summon unexistent names checks Introduced i_reset_reuse_delay which remove the reuse delay of skill ids Fixed MaxMpFinalizer for npc/summon Reworked MaxHpFinalizer for npc/summon Fixed accuracy/evasion finalizer for npc Major Rework at Npc's Dropslist view: Better structure Less resources usage Server's Rate applied Player's Level penalties and Bonuses applied Tooltips available (such as Item's ALT click on chat) Updated Giran Castle Town spawns and buylists Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework and updated Skills: Dual Weapon Defense Indestructible Sound Quick Spear Throwing Spear Spear Howl Shield of Sacrifice Blood of Sacrifice Chain Strike Mount Golden Maned lion Throw Dagger in Wrist Evasion Death Sting Eva’s Protection Implemented Mount Golden Maned Lion Transformation Transformation itself Respective Skill Reworked Fishing System: Better Exp / Sp formula Proper Baits and Rods Updated Initial Equipments Updated Hennas (Dyes) Stats Implemented Moon Knight's quest
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    Here my own and personal thinking about that as a player ... for those who dunno me : I am an old player of the interlude server... I just offered my help as a forum mod for the German section and became global moderator, because of the lack of German players xD... So here my 2cents as a player ... I would love to start playing l2 again. I already tried a lot of servers over the years, and I realized that the only place to be for me is this server ... I never met a gm as hard working as supreme... and I also always liked our community here :)... So if I start playing this game again I will do it here ... my only concern is, that I don't have much time to play and I guess I will come to a point were I cannot compete with others in any way pretty soon with these low rate settings. So I will definitely give it a try, but I am afraid of stopping early ... with a more casual player friendly setting I would definitely play for a long time. So ye, I would highly appreciate a higher rate server for my own motivation, but I also understand Supremes thinkings. Anyway, I bet it will be a great server no matter what rates will be set. But maybe just not the right for me as a low time gamer
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    I actually (didnt saw the code yet on that) that the sound issue could be related with a missing packet update. Will see eventually, adding this report to my bugs list.
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    Yes everything in the experimentarium topic is correct, my info is correct and the video is very old but its also correct... But thx for explaining, I thought that all skill classic were green, didnt realize it was skills parses and the first mortal blow I tested landed without the sound... Also some consumables were not working... But I am sure it will be done when server is ready... I had a good impression of the server anyway...
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    Anyways, I do realise that I probably won't be able to put any common sense into heads of vet/no-life players who just want to spend their entire free time - every day grinding mobs over and over again, but the sad truth is that without us (casual players) who have only 2-4h a day to play the game you won't survive as a server. How many players with no-life there still are, who still wana grind for years on this particular server and not some classic club or official? 100 ? 150 ? Most of people who will come here will be the nostalgia guys who during prime times of L2 spent shi*t ton of time gearing and PvPing. These nostalgia people are usually willing to pay some cash and sustain the server to have a glimps of good old memories, but at the same time most of them now have a wife, got childrens and created a family thus can't rice that much anymore. So if you believe that people who have 2-4h a day because of their personal life should stfu and suffer or quit then be my guest ;] Make a x1 server and lets see how long it survives. Month ? Two months ? To put it in short: What I'm trying to achieve here is creating progression scheme where getting to 65-68 levels is time consuming but acomplishable after 3-5 months with a 2-4h of gameplay every day and then to give the ricers their grindfest and feel of achievement making levels 68-74 uncomparably slower so it takes great ammount of time to max out lvls giving the grinders a target which woudln't be achievable for casuals, but at the same time casuals with that 68 lvl could actually somewhat contest the grinders in PvPs. In the end I feel bad for Supreeme that he has to deal with community like this, because he wants to satisfy you all and make a really well rounded server, but you guys won't allow it to happen. Most of VETs have no clue what they actually want and instead will always cry "no modification, low rates, vanila classic!" even though everyone with at least 10 iq realises how flawed the classic design is(although sitll better than what they did after interlude. There are plenty of spots to tackle on (including balance changes) which would improve everyones gameplay drastically but VETs are still to stubborn and limited to understand and appreciate that effort.