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    Agreed as well BUT would like to give everyone at the start PA for 2 months. Why ? Because let's be honest, it's risky to donate money into fresh server when all of them die in mater of 1-3 months. I feel like making it so during first 2 months of the server everone can launch additional window would only show that our DEV`s have clear intention and aren't making yet another cash grabe server, but instead are aiming for a longterm project. Hey mate, wana tryout our server ? Well then wellcome and give it a go, we won't force you into paying for a product you can't check but if you like what we do, then in 2 months is the time where you can show some appreciation Additionally I know how big of an obstacle for some it is to begin playing on a server without a dualbox. I'm pretty sure that plenty of players just because of that issue don't even check some servers, but if you give them the dualbox at the begining where its hardest, they will invest some time and after 1-2months they will decide that they invested way too much effiort into their mains to quit now, and will stay on the server even without a box and even though previously they wouldn't even consider it. Optionally there could be some noticable discount/promo price for a PA account like 2-4 EURO for a month of PA during first 2 months
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    Saviors Zaken 2.1 Fixes: Updated Main Website page, Downloads page and Statistics pages Fixed uPlay issue with News Feed Released updated Client files with uPlay - Classic Fixed issue with wrong password system message causing client's crash Added Pre Alpha Shop Pathfinding has been reworked flawless Npcs are now able to cast their Skills - Classic Fixed Buffs not showing correctly for Party Member's - Classic Fixed Item's parser not generating consume information - Classic Added missing Dwarven Craft skill from Dwarven Fighter - Classic Fixed Clan Reward issue (Classic): If Player's hunting counter is at his maximum it becomes negative thus players not being able to take rewards. Small rework on One Day Rewards core: (Classic): Removed some useless methods. Added packet update for unclaimed one day rewards everytime a reward becomes available. Fixed some incorrect display for one day rewards. Reworked Player Cache Fixed some forever-running regeneration task Some additional corrections with HP/MP regeneration. Sharing Equipment effect implemented. Fixed Add Temp Skill By Skill Effect to work when checked Skill get removed or re-added. Fixed Max Mp Formula to properly take items' mp bonus. Fixed NONE Armor Type handling in Effects. Fixed several NPE (Null Pointer Exceptions). Reworked the way a chat message is sent by using Target's name instead Target's Object. Fixed a problem with timers causing them to not get properly removed. Added all Classic Zaken 2.1 Recipes - Classic
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    China will not be an issue but south America will be ... this server was already running an interlude versions for a while and the amount of Brazilians and Europeans were pretty equal ... 2 different times could solve the problem yea , but I am not sure if supreme is willing to do any kind of customisation tbh... About the spawning window I totally agree with you... 0 to 60 minutes would be perfect for me too as a casual gamer who might be able to play 5h a week
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    Oh Supreme, you are SUPREME !! Its working now. Thx very much
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    Completely right sir. It's not abandoned, on the contrary it's been thought and discussed by our team and today or tomorrow the major announcement probably so far will be done. Rates decision, donation basis decisions, events to come also. It will kind of be a huge bump in once, coming in a few days. That will be out and known, alpha ajusted to get people there having fun, helping, AND maybe rewarded depending on it.
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    You don't have to announce everything you do on the server Lineage 2 club has plenty of customisation of which players dont know and it's prospering quite well. The funny fact about l2 community is that everyone is crying "I want vanila not some modified crap" but in reality 95% of these people don't even know what vanila server stands for. They don't know plenty of mechanics and wouldn't be able to tell the difference if something was changed. Now I do agree that Epic Boss respawn timer is a big deal and there will be plenty of people who realise the difference, but at the same time I don't believe that it would create some kind of dissapointment and anger. People care the most about vanila working abilities, farming zones and PvP balance rest is unimportant for most.
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    Decided: x3 rates This way we will be able to provide special game events. XP and Drop Rate was also very high.
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    Hell yeah, lets show the exact time of spawning! More ppl will go there and no1 will have to camp. More ppl, more pvp etc, less time wasted for sitting there doing nothing (been there, done that... ) Actually on the world map, it shows if regular raid bosses are alive or not at the moment, idk if it works for epics too.
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    Oi, eu sou português! Qualquer assunto que a comunidade Portuguesa ou Brasileira queira ajuda especifica por falar mal Inglês faço o que puder aqui! Falou =]