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  2. Fixed issue while removing a clan from clan entry when deletion happens Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 Exp Sp individual Level Penalties Removed overhit from effect param, in several Skills where it not used Added summon unexistent names checks Introduced i_reset_reuse_delay which remove the reuse delay of skill ids Fixed MaxMpFinalizer for npc/summon Reworked MaxHpFinalizer for npc/summon Fixed accuracy/evasion finalizer for npc Major Rework at Npc's Dropslist view: Better structure Less resources usage Server's Rate applied Player's Level penalties and Bonuses applied Tooltips available (such as Item's ALT click on chat) Updated Giran Castle Town spawns and buylists Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework and updated Skills: Dual Weapon Defense Indestructible Sound Quick Spear Throwing Spear Spear Howl Shield of Sacrifice Blood of Sacrifice Chain Strike Mount Golden Maned lion Throw Dagger in Wrist Evasion Death Sting Eva’s Protection Implemented Mount Golden Maned Lion Transformation Transformation itself Respective Skill Reworked Fishing System: Better Exp / Sp formula Proper Baits and Rods Updated Initial Equipments Updated Hennas (Dyes) Stats Implemented Moon Knight's quest
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  6. uPlay

    hello can u send me a link, I have the same problem with uplay in windows 7 thaks
  7. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Yo i was missing from my home for about 5 months so i came to see how things going here to start have some fun again I hope i will see one server like the old warpgate
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    Here my own and personal thinking about that as a player ... for those who dunno me : I am an old player of the interlude server... I just offered my help as a forum mod for the German section and became global moderator, because of the lack of German players xD... So here my 2cents as a player ... I would love to start playing l2 again. I already tried a lot of servers over the years, and I realized that the only place to be for me is this server ... I never met a gm as hard working as supreme... and I also always liked our community here :)... So if I start playing this game again I will do it here ... my only concern is, that I don't have much time to play and I guess I will come to a point were I cannot compete with others in any way pretty soon with these low rate settings. So I will definitely give it a try, but I am afraid of stopping early ... with a more casual player friendly setting I would definitely play for a long time. So ye, I would highly appreciate a higher rate server for my own motivation, but I also understand Supremes thinkings. Anyway, I bet it will be a great server no matter what rates will be set. But maybe just not the right for me as a low time gamer

    I actually (didnt saw the code yet on that) that the sound issue could be related with a missing packet update. Will see eventually, adding this report to my bugs list.

    Yes everything in the experimentarium topic is correct, my info is correct and the video is very old but its also correct... But thx for explaining, I thought that all skill classic were green, didnt realize it was skills parses and the first mortal blow I tested landed without the sound... Also some consumables were not working... But I am sure it will be done when server is ready... I had a good impression of the server anyway...

    They are not green: All Skills including transformations What's green is Skill's Parser If you have installed L2 Warpgate's clients from uPlay you will have all 100% files. Here some Official info about Daggers: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/566669/ https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/653417/ Your video is from 2011 btw not from Official current files (since they are new ones and using new formulas)

    I am not sure if I should post it here... Anyway... I saw your list of "checked" stuff and all classic skills are green... Dagger blows are not working properly... Please review it... Remembering that dagger skills are not fighter skills, they are classified as BLOWS, blow type skill, totally different type... All blows are also critical hits, and the critical sound should come when landed... see video below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBJfUusnJVE Or maybe that can be happening because I dont have all the files in my computer...

    I will give it a go in your pre-Alpha before Judging you.... I really hope I am wrong.... Because we dont have any classic server worth playing... I hope your server dont die in the first 3 months... Because even with the greatest intentions, its just not possible for a server to be alive if there is no players.... This should be your priority, number of players, and casual players contribute with at least 40%... Like I said, I am an old player, I know this game from top to bottom, every skill mechanic, more than 10 years playing this game, i know what I am talking about... Dont let the players vanish because of proud or you will be the ones regretting... Most of the people who ask for a super hardcore old days server only has memories from the past, but didnt try official servers or really low rate classic... And this same group will quit your server after they realize what @FinalFen has said in this topic... If you google it, you will see the quantity of Skelth/classic club accounts 60+ been sold... Its huge... They spent more than 1 year to lvl to this point and they are ALL SELLING their accounts... Just saying...

    Gota admit that @fodemhouse got some valid points there. I'm playing on classic club since like 3 months. Since 2 months I'm all the time farming in a CP 3h+ a day and 5h+ on weekends and I'm 69. So from my experience I can say that even semi-casual players can definitely play on rates x3 and get decent levels in reasonable ammount of time but ... game mechanics/PvP balance are pretty much making those levels garbage tier. I've learned it the hard way that 8 lvls difference on classic makes you invulnurable against lower players. The fact that you have 0 chance to land a stun/debuff and enemy lands 100% of their stuff on you, was something I definitely expected. It was somewhat similar on c3-c6 servers (maybe not as extremee (0% vs 100%) but similar) but the crap with doing half of your normal dmg when someone is being high lvl is freaking terrible. Classic rate x3 experience: So based on that experience I would like to backup @fodemhouse doubts. I feel like rates x3 with this type of pvp balance won't let any new server survive for too long. I mean getting to lvl 70 isn't that terrible but at the same time it means nothing when lots of people already achieved lvl 76 (and there are always couple of these nolife account sharing CP's who will get there twice as fast as you). On the other hand getting form 68 to 78 lvl on x3 is freaking ridiculous with these EXP tables (at lvl 69 I'm leveling around 3 times slower than on 63 and it only gets worse as levels add up). I'm not saying rates x3 are bad, just that the time/farm required for players to start PvP'ing and having any sort of chances to compete against 76+ characters is too insane. Personally I believe that this crap change with players dealing less dmg the higher the level gap is the core of the issue, but I know what's your approach to custom changes and that you probably won't change it. I feel like this issue should be tackled when launching WarpGate since I don't believe that you will attract a big enough group of players while making sort of a l2-club-clone (similar setup). My opinion is that you need to make quiet balance changes without sharing them to the community (so you won't trigger the "omg I want vanila not private shiet" brainless farmers) because classic setup is promoting nolife players as hard as it is punishing/demotivating semi-causal ones => highway to low online. And trust me, it's usually not the vets who donate the most over longer period of time. Last but not least there actually aren't any sort of gap closers in the game. Once you get over 52 lvl and the achievement bonuses end, you realise that people who are ahead will get even further ahead up to the moment where they reach some kind of hard cap/max out (so pretty much never :)). This is yet another reason to why combination of these rates and pvp mechanics scares away plenty of potential players. Final note: notice that my gaming experience (very long time untill you can start participating in PvP against older players) comes from a established server where plenty of high lvl zones (i.e. ABG) are mostly left to non-factor players. Now imagine the struggle you would have to go through on a fresh server where every spot is getting overpopulated (even with the new farming zones) /walloftext mode_off

    Play via uPlay® at our Pre Alpha: https://www.lineage2warpgate.com/index.php?page=downloads

    Ok thx for the info... Do you guys have any OBT so we can check the server ? How its gonna be etc... I still believe the low server will die in some months... Specially if you release mid server later on... Everybody will quit low server to go to mid server... but anyway, maybe I am wrong and your x3 is not so bad, depending on your events, runes of xp or whatever makes it possible to lvl up faster... Besides all my comments about custom stuff, I am an old Lineage player, I love the game unchanged but I just cant spend 2 years on an old game like that... People dont realise that new games are coming and they will spend 1 entire year playing lineage to quit later without any PVP points or whatsoever....

    The mid rate Server is still on the table. At the moment the Server's implementation is being developed as we speak. The first Server Warpgate will release with Zaken (Antharas) Chronicle is low rate one.
  19. Estimated Online?

    I wonder from where you got such conclusion... No. L2 Warpgate works as independent. Thus being Warpgate ONLY
  20. Estimated Online?

    You guys are related to DEX ROMANIA or what ?

    Hi, I just wanna know why to make a x3 server when everybody voted for a x5 server... Make it possible for solo players to enjoy the server, otherwise your server will fail... The most important feature for ANY server is the NUMBER of ONLINE PLAYERS... If u have your "supposed" perfect server but nobody is online, whats the point ? Even 10x makes more sense, so people can achieve second class and have some fun before server closes or lineage2 disappears... Really, we need a server that will last more than 3 months with a good amount of people... I have played on ClassicClub and Skelth and both failed because people got bored ! Bored of endless farm, bots etc... (there were other problems also) But anyway, it took me too much time of my life to have a char 40+ and I quit, like everybody else... ALL PLAYERS IN THE WORLD would prefer to play on a 2000x fun and full server than play alone in a x3 server... So please make it possible for us, we are missing a good classic server that can be played by ALL players not only the non-lifers... I just came here cause I saw some advertisement about a mid rate server... x3 is not mid rate...
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  28. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Hey @DeadlyByDesign, long time no see... What you think about (future as soon) one more Server - Classic Erica again but with our old features (custom zones, skins etc just as we had before) ?
  29. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Hello all old friends i wish we could have again this Interlude server back to have some fun and making some drama i think a lot people missed that but as i know is difficult to have this again so maybe sometime we all meet again somewhere
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