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  7. Classic Antharas 2.3 Fixes: Reworked both Individual and Party Exp and Sp calculations with correct priorities based on: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/638688/#post-9004360 1st: Base XP + Group modifier 2nd: Penalties 3rd: Runes and other bonuses (if present) Updated both Individual and Party Level Penalties based on Grand Crusade and Classic's Zaken 2.1: https://l2central.info/classic/Группа DISCLAIMER: Wiki's "Party Difference in levels" is incorrect Some hotfixes for Npc's Parser: Correct Experience rates Reworked both RequestRaidbossSpawnInfo ExRaidBossSpawnInfo packets: Related to Map's Info Bosses Status Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Ensoul Options Parser: Implemented Ensoul feature Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Clan Rewards Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework: Updated Clan Unity Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Clan Level Up Data: Based on https://l2central.info/classic/Клан_-_уровень_клана Several Reworks have been made: Community Board based HTMLs max size Shutdown System New Drops System Fixed issue while removing a clan from clan entry when deletion happens Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 Exp Sp individual Level Penalties Removed overhit from effect param, in several Skills where it not used Added summon unexistent names checks Introduced i_reset_reuse_delay which remove the reuse delay of skill ids Fixed MaxMpFinalizer for npc/summon Reworked MaxHpFinalizer for npc/summon Fixed accuracy/evasion finalizer for npc Major Rework at Npc's Dropslist view: Better structure Less resources usage Server's Rate applied Player's Level penalties and Bonuses applied Tooltips available (such as Item's ALT click on chat) Updated Giran Castle Town spawns and buylists Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework and updated Skills: Dual Weapon Defense Indestructible Sound Quick Spear Throwing Spear Spear Howl Shield of Sacrifice Blood of Sacrifice Chain Strike Mount Golden Maned lion Throw Dagger in Wrist Evasion Death Sting Eva’s Protection Implemented Mount Golden Maned Lion Transformation Transformation itself Respective Skill Reworked Fishing System: Better Exp / Sp formula Proper Baits and Rods Updated Initial Equipments Updated Hennas (Dyes) Stats Implemented Moon Knight's quest Implemented RaidData from Client: All Classic Zaken 2.1 Raids with their respective Map Info level restrictions Useful for future Classic features Fixed an issue with Player variable reset Added support for "START_QUEST" item default action type Made showHtml to use WorldObject so we can pass item to it Updated Social Action's broadcast range to retail -> 2048 Fixed Multisell "KEEP_ENCHANTED" attribute Fixed item count on clan level up Fixed several skills with wrong effect "p_damage_shield" -> "p_damage_shield_resist" Added 2 missing One Day Reward Handlers: Login during Month Login during Weekend Reworked "i_reset_reuse_delay" effect -> "i_change_reuse_delay": Changes reuse up or down Reworked Invisible behavior functionality: Instead of cancelling attack/cast in hide effect type, now cancelling into setInvis where DeletePacket happens Fixed typo in geodata checkNearestAntiCornerCut Moving "i_come_to_me" -> "p_come_to_me", moving from "instant" -> "pump": Instant applies no matter what, even if there is a success calc in it, it won't match pump one. Moving could happen while pump effect was not applied. Removing "p_block_controll" and making that part bundle into the effect Removing control block from movement disabled, as you can move but you can't control where to, it should do some fixes for Fear as well. Properly splitting "movementFinished" and "stopMovement": "movementFinished" is invoked only when movement finished successfully, also it wasn't unregistering in MovementController now it does "stopMovement" is called when movement is interrupted (for Creature), getting ride of the useless stopMove method and gathering it all under stopMovement Getting ride of the useless stopMove for Vehicle movement, moving under stopMovement which is the one in use Reworked "p_hide" effect: Now taking his boolean in effect to enable cast Now effect with this boolean set to true can cast skill which aren't bad Removed boolean that stops skill when doing action or damage for hide skill type and moving it to listener Reworked "ChaosTime" retail like: Proper condition checks Moving both "checkTarget" and "targetReconsider" to Attackable class: This way we will be able to use them for future AI implementations Removing Minions from ChaosTime Reconsider Targets will be determined retail like (no custom checks) Introduced randomizeAttackDesire: Gets the target with the most hate from a shuffled aggroList's hates. Reworked targetReconsider (checking mostHated has changed): It's no longer necessary to get a random target. Get a new target with most hate from the Attackable's aggro list or find first inside his aggro range Removed clientStopAutoAttack from: onIntentionIdle onIntentionActive onIntentionMoveTo onIntentionFollow onIntentionPickUp onIntentionInteract DISCLAIMER: On retail, Attack Stance from a character stops after 15 seconds ONLY from the last attack (hit) or when some effective block attack action is imposed on him such as Paralize, Petrify, etc. More AttackStance legacy leftovers clean up: AutoAttackStop packet should be sent upon removing actor from attackStanceTasks Do not notify "EVT_ATTACKED" if Character is dead Dropping geonodes as the system isn't working, nor is used by anyone and outdated Removing some legacy code used in Oly Reworking Raid Curse with AI Script: Any beneficial skill that does not add an abnormal effect can be used on the raid and minions without limitations: Heal, Battle Heal, Cure Poison, Radiant Heal, Recharge, Greater Battle Heal, Vitalize, etc. Any skill may be used (self, target, pm, party) on any target(s) [in case it is a full party/full clan type of skill] that have not successfully attacked the raid or its minions: Getting petrified does not count as successful attack, even though you did damage/kill the raid/minion(s). Being killed after attacking the raid still means you have attacked the raid and thus you must restart otherwise anyone trying to res will get silence. Using a basic attack or casting any offensive skill (including those that cannot have effect such as erase) on the raid or its minions will cause petrify. Using any skill that successfully adds a new abnormal effect on the raid or its minions (incl. greater heal, radiant recharge, targeted buffs) will cause petrify. If a skill doesn't add a new effect (e.g. minion has casted a higher level might already), petrify is not applied. Casting any skill on anyone who has successfully attacked the raid boss or its minions will give you silence. This includes AoE skills that target other mobs or neg rep/flagged players! If a skill takes longer than approximately 0.5s to cast, silence will additionally interrupt the skill cast. Using basic attacks on such players will not trigger silence or petrify, but beware petrify if using a polearm. DISCLAIMERS: Anyone can cast anything on petrified/silenced chars. Neither raid nor minions will attack a petrified/silenced char (not even the first hit). Petrify doesn't affect servitors. Added diff/per mode to "i_change_reuse_delay" effect Fixed typo for "i_change_reuse_delay" PER mode Introduced several effects: i_call_skill_random p_change_skill_use p_abnormal_time_change Added Jones (Moon Knight quest) missing spawn Updated Several Classic Zaken's 2.1 Skills: Immortal Life Sword Expert Life Rescue Power Supremacy Body Impale Weapon Reinforcement Great Fury Physical Damage Sword Expert Clear Movements Reworked Shutdown System Unhardcoded level to which free teleport ends Fixed a typo for accessory typing Classic Saviors (2.0) - Antharas (2.3) Updated all Packets to Classic Antharas 2.3 Following Antharas version: Updated all Classic Teleports Updated Party Data Introduced both Maris and Teleport NPCs (Giant's Cave) Parsed all data related with this new version: 7572 Skills / 33391 Skill Levels 9806 Items: New ClientIds for Several SlotTypes (BodyParts): R_HAND L_HAND GLOVES CHEST LEGS FEET BACK HAIR HAIR2 New ClientId SlotType ClientID: AGATHION_MAIN New ActionType: USE_COUNT 5358 NPCs 14962 Class Skills for 89 Classes 624 Recipes 53 Item Sets 129 One Day Rewards 145 Raids Data (Map Info) Updated Several Skills: Hawk Eye Bison Spirit Totem Eva's Kiss Chant of Victory Victories of Pa'agrio Pa'agrio's Emblem Clan Exuberance Cat's Potential Unicorn's Potential Spectral Potential Blue Talisman - Magic Skill Evasion Rate Clan Exuberance Summon Soulshots Summon Spiritshots Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit - Event Backstab Poison Blade Dance Blaze Hold Resistance Introduced new effects: p_attack_speed_by_hp1 p_physical_defence_by_hp2 Added Blood Marks to specific Classic Mobs with retail chances Related Pledge (Clan) Updates: Updated Classic Clan war requirements: Clan must be 3rd level or more Penalty of 500 Clan Reputation Points applied if clan decide to stop clan war Updated Clan Reputation: Only clans of 3 level or more can acquire clan reputation points when clan members get new level Updated all Sub Pledge Skill Tree (Clan Skills) Related Residences (Clan Halls) Updates: Removed Innadril, Goddard, Schuttgart, Rune residences Updated Clan Halls "Costs" and respective "Ranks" Introuced all Clan Halls - Grades S and A Updated all Residences (Clan Halls) Functions Updated Clan Hall Buffs Updated both Gludio and Dion Agit Maps information Fixed wrong Enchant Formulas above +4 Parsed all data related with EU's latest updates: 7605 Skills / 33427 Skill Levels 9855 Items 5366 NPCs 129 One Day Rewards To reflect Classic Antharas 2.3 version: Updated all Website and Forum Logos Updated Forum's Background Updated Facebook's Logos Updated Discord's Logo L2 Warpgate's uPlay 1.0.9 (Antharas 2.3) Updated every Logo / Respective Informations to reflect Classic Antharas 2.3 version Reworked all Installation / Update process to avoid any future issues Implemented Lobby Selection feature which will enable Players to switch Lobby Screens for their Clients: Saviors Baium Reworked News Feed
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  13. Antharas Casual Update

    PvP event in Antharas’ Lair and Tower of Insolence is over: Chaos Decoy Blood Knight do not appear in these zones. The developers are planning to enhance this content in the further updates. Baium and Antharas are still World Bosses. You just have new ways to get inside rather then the default old school ways if you're not able to go inside with your clan or alone: Much more nerfed then regular main Boss entrance: Balthus Knights Instance Zones PK removal will be way more quicker then regular official Server as our rates will be x3, you should be able to take it in 10 / 3 = 3 ~ 4 Hours
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  16. As many waited for the glorious Antharas Patch with his (very op) catacombs that change this game completly. (way easier late game now) Antharas Patch also had many very bad aspects ,it became more casual : - removed toi/loa event - Baium/Anthy are now instances , not worldbosses anymore - U need 10 hours to clear 1 pk ( karma politics ) (more to update) How u handle those ascpects @Supreme ??
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    13 fck
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