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FORUM/WEBSITE makes the server look like an abandoned project

Supreem think it's about time to clean up a bit this forum. There are waaaaaay too many sections. Plenty of them don't have any posts inside or even worse > there are some posts but last responses were half a year ago < I'm almost certain that they managed already to scare away plenty of ppl from the server. Personally when checking in the past wether server was worthwile waiting/playing on it, firstly I was always visiting the forums to check how old are the last written messages and try to get a glimps of if the server is allive.

In my opinion you should create just 6 sections:

  1. News and Annoucments (and write at least once a month sth about what are you currently working on, or what are your ideas for the server :f)
  2. General Discussion (without subsections)
  3. Suggestions
  4. Balance discussion
  5. Foreign launguage discussions
  6. Archive

Old/outdated messages just throw to Archive section without any subsections. If the forum gona look dead, you will lose lots of potential playerbase.

Oh and one more thing, you should as well add some news on the website (once a month would be enough as well). First thing that someone notices when visiting warpgate www is that last info was posted 1.5 year ago and that server is offline < to me it would mean that the project is dead. You could even throw from time to time a link to forum thread discussing some controversial stuff like donations/box count to make it look allive :)

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