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Forum Rules

Forum rules

Please stick to the following results to prevent inadvertent damage or loss

1. Always treat the staff with respect, if you have a problem with an individual staff member - contact Supreme. If you have a problem with Supreme - too bad.

2. The L2 Wapgate Staff is allowed to delete your posts or topics at any moment for any reason. You may not complain publicaly about deleted topics/posts. If you wish to complain - use the Support Section.

3. We do not tolerate any form of racism. The staff is free to decide as to what is considered as racism and what is not.

4. Flaming in the forum's Flaming Section is allowed as long as it does not violate with any of the above mentioned rule(s).

5. Treat others with respect and dignity outside of the Flaming Section. Wish to flame? Flaming Section.

6. You may not spam the forum with topics - be it a repetition of previously made posts or posts that are of no added value. Respect our boards and the community within it.

7. You may not post with the direct or indirect intention to advertise.

8. You may not post private content or information about human individuals without their permission. Only exception are celebrities or commonly known people.

9. You may not post or set sexual content.

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