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[CONTEST] Server Banner Contest [10-10-2016 to 03-11-2016]

Do you have some photoshop skills and creativity? Make one Server Banner with one of the following dimensions: 

468x60 (Animated Gif)

120x120 (Animated Gif)

Use some of your photoshop edits to make it look nice, and it will be eligible for Winners!

Rewards (For each dimension)
468x60 Winner - 1200 WCoins

120x120 Winner - 800 WCoins

Here are some examples of how Banners should look like:


One of our Banners made by @TheBest from our previous Server:


Thanks for Participating and being a part of L2 Warpgate!

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I was busy but here is my submission







Edited by TheBest
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120x120 Vote Site Banner



Edited by TheBest
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