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  1. What are your opinions about PS (d.elf summoner) in this chronicle?
  2. @MONKey Well, you really are a monkey if you red somewhere in my post that i want x1 server. I never proposed x1 server. And IMO 4 days for 2 boxed chars to get lvl 45 at classic chronicle is a bit fast for me. I get that feeling like on IL server when every1 is rushing to end game too fast. And fast lvling is not my main wory here. Cheers
  3. Well, i think no1 should be 40+ after 1-2 day. Thats not classic, and im sure staff could make new start with 1-2k ppl if adversitment is done right. My main problem here is population, i dont think classic server could last with 300-350 online after 3 days. But if admins think population will raise thru time, i will hope that they are right.
  4. My 2 Cents: First of all there were serious bugs, and there still some of them. I hope that Admins will fix them all, but they will not be able to repair damage done to server already. About bow bug, i cant agree that it wasn't bad. It is game breaking bug cause archer lvled up faster then mages and/or other classes (and this should be vice versa). And this influence gameplay a lot. Second thing is, that lvling is too fast, ppl are already second class, 45+. They were above 40 after 24h. That is not Classic gameplay, so i would reconsider lowering exp rate a bit. Third and most important is population. We started with ~350-400 player and that is low. Plus a big number left after first day (cause they dont like server, cause bugs or etc). With 250-300 ppl online lineage loses its soul. This game is made for more players, more clans, more people. There is a lot more to be said, but considering most, this server should be re-opened. Lets give admins few days of rest, and month more to prepare server (fix bugs, make gameplay slower etc) and ADVERSITE it. When everything is ready, they will open server again. Atm i dont see future here, and there is no need to play Classic server if it is going to die in a month. To admins: If you trust you community, lets make poll about future of Warpgate. Cheers
  5. Well, its more sucessfull then offi so... Btw point here is about orc monk, not about server.
  6. On classic.club i had this same disscusion with their gms, and they said its suposed to work like this
  7. Thats how it is, there is no bug here - same as on classic.club
  8. Hello, still looking for duo/trio? :)