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  1. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    Naaa you aren't telling the truth here. It's not about 1 spot, it's about wandering around entire area and killing everything in sight. It's sth completely different fighting for a particular spot and denying entire area because you believe that a casual solo player can be a threat to you in future ...
  2. AOE skills and debuff

    Well sadly I'm done with the server. Thought I'll ignore the brainless PKers, ton of bugs and low online resulting in lack of players who would like to make parties ... but this bug proven me wrong. After getting killed 3 times during 15min because of some kid making OP as fack necro and then abusing broken mechanics (getting flag when using any sort of aoe abilities) and simply standing near me when I'm making trains to wait for me to get flag or die to mobs - I decided it's enough of trying to force myself into playing this solo grindfest with kids abusing every damn bug/broken mechanics just to screw you over. Sure L2 was always full of aggressive ppl trying to troll/scam other but I never felt so defensless as I feel now when playing Warlord on this server. If only I knew that after picking Warlord I will have to grind solo, I would instantly switch my idea and become another brainless nuker. Anyways Supreme I wish you best luck with this project but you should seriously reconsider your priorities on the server. Almost a week ago, we reported to you a bug screwing up core game mechanics which renders some of the classes (aoe) unplayable if almost ANY player/class decides to scam you and you didn't make a thing about it. To all the PKers who I also mentioned in another thread, guess you will check up rly soon if your actions aren't a harm to the server community/online/future Laters (now you can start spaming QQ moar)
  3. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    Didn't expect that after such big wall of text that I wrote and rewrote later you still won't get the point Oo Different between party of active farmers and active PKers is that those first are mostly neutral to players, sure they can claim best spots and offensively encourage other ppl to leave spots they want to take but that's probably all. Active PKers at the other hand, are continously kiling same players over and over again. Maybe if it wasn't classic with -10% exp on death, it wouldn't be so dangerous, but as it is now, such behaviour may force some CASUAL players to simply rage quit the server. Think of it like that if you are having problems in understanding what I mean: Someone has 2 hours to play l2 daily, he's casual so he most likely won't have a crew to play with him and will most likely progress slowly. If you come to PK this guy 3 times during a day (his 2h gaming session) he will spend 40 minutes resurrecting and going back to farm spot, 40 minutes to get back exp which he lost and maybe 40 minutes to progress. After couple of days when he will realise this fact, he will more than likely quit the server as the gameplay will be too frustrating to handle for him.
  4. Why in your opinion everything on l2 server should be exactly like on official servers ? You are fighting over epics/sieges because simply there's nothing else to do. Personally I would love to have a 3v3 tournaments on the server orginised by GMs in lets say coloseum with some kind of borders forming a ring (like in the official battle tournament many years ago). That would bring far greater fun to many of us, because it's not a secret that best PvP is PP/SE buff PvP
  5. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    Sure all of what you said is true, but tell me how does it apply to players who simply cant find party//cp ? Ye im in clan with 30 online, I spend 4 days trying to motivate ppl to do ANY sort of party. As a result I had a talk that I should stop trying to make parties inside of clan because nobody needs them, and that hey prefer to solo for faster exp. Like i said if you managed to find a CP befor serv start you are golden, if not, you are screwed Nobody on the server is interested in making parties (outside of random RB parties) and those who want to party already have their members choosen. Anyways do what you want, I have no influence on you, but hope that I managed to give to at least some of you a bit longer perspective of to where such gameplay leads on such low online server. gn
  6. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    You are missing the point ... Purpose of this post wasnt to seek for help for myself or anything like that. I'm seriously worried about server online. Sure some can adapt, some can go to different (prob slower/more annoying) farm spots, but some will simply ask themselves "why should I be forced to do sth I don't want on an iffy L2 private server?" - and these ppl will most likely quit. Plenty of us have 2-4h for l2 daily and if during these 2-4 they can't even play the way they want, they will just quit... Once agian, you can call me cryer or salty, but I'm seriously worried about future of warpgate, even as it is now, it's really iffy how the server will evolve, but things like blind PK on sight will further threaten future of OUR server.
  7. If you think so, feel free to spam that I'm just crying here, don't care So as many of you probably noticed, we have some people who decided to go perma red and brainlessly PK everything on sight. This is ofc part of the gameplay but in my opinion ppl like Sloopy are great threat to the server. We all know that mages are and always were broken in L2, even more when looking at pp/se buff PvP which is only PvP that will happen atm. Having that in mind some players decided to exploit this fact. They run around the map PKin everyone they see, without any particular reason because it's obvious that if you arent a nuker as well, you are dead... No skill required, no real strategy, just spam your nuke and after 2-4 casts your target is dead before he manages to get near you/cast a stun. Additionally we are on classic 1.0 meaning there is very, very limited ammount of higher lvl spots which you cna farm. Efficiently dodging such players is simply impossible untill you wana gain 1 lvl a week. All of these combined bring great annoyance and frustration to players who pick chars to have fun in L2, tyrants, glads, warlords, archers, dwarves etc and then gota face a guy who runs around with OP class killng everything in sight. After this proceder lasting for couple of days I'm pretty sure that people will start quiting the server (esp with the 10% exp lost on death). Personally I would never bring such an issue to the forum on a regular server, but here this is a great problme leaving us no real counterplay. Online is low, so creating parties is hard if not impossible. This chronicle balance (or rather lack of it) automatically eliminates any chance of you fighting back unless you are a nuker as well. Basically every non-mage character is screwed. Now my question is can we (devs) do anything about it ? Obviously banning such people isn't a solution as they are only exploiting flawed game design and not validating the rules. Maybe some solution could be to change so that when getting pked, you arent loosing any EXP combined with couple other dissadvantages to PK's like not being able to join any parties (so they cant lvl up their boxes or play with non-red players), lower their exp gain rate ? Sure it would sux for a red player who choosen to play the game differently but let's face the truth, you could go perma red while using brain, and not continuosly PK same players and everyone in sight. Such childish behaviour will just kill the server. If you don't care about it , well maybe you should then get banned, but if you care, you shoudl stop brainlessly killing everything on sight since it directly strikes back on the server which you like.
  8. Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    One thing which I'll never understand is why people playing L2 are so afraid of custom stuff ? Sure I remember how in the past c1-c4 "custom private servers" had nothing working for them (no auto-ss, no CP etc) but nowadays it's different. Most of private servers has most of the stuff working and lets be honest, Lineage isn't a well balanced/designed game. There is plenty of space to improve. I remember one c4-c6 private server which I played. There were some differences compared to official server (mostly due lack of dev knowledge how to fix them) but one of this bugs was about Tyrant totem bonuses applying to every class type. What would happen if you had sth like that here ? Everyone would cry their hearts out "omigi it's bugged, on offi its different, garbage server not working!" but the truth is that this "bug" create an insanely interesting character to play. You had the versitality to fight with fists - gladiator style, you could farm with polearm - warlord style, you could run with bow - archer style. Sure you were a bit weaker in every department than a regular class but still you had the versitality, you could do hundreds of things during pvp, actively switch between 3-4 weapon types according to situation. You guys really shouldn't be afraid of custom stuff, imho it's the only way for warpgate to gain decent playerbase and survive. I remember there was Good vs Evil server. That shit was 90% custom and it was insane. PvP server where ppl are divided into 2 factions - good (humans,dwarfs,elves) and evil (orcs, darkelves) each could use buffs coming only from particular faction and play with particular faction only. They were constantly fighting for multiply points of interest (mini sieges). 1 faction was more defensive (good with sws and all resistance buffs from PP) while other was dps-based (evil with bd and COV). 90% custom and 100% fun. So ye the more custom (in terms of improved) stuff we have the better. Ofc we shouldnt change core mechanics, to not make experienced ppl feel uncomfortable but the truth is that OFFI olympiad is complete crap mixed up with sh*t. It's pure - who has better and well equiped class. Fights are boring, easy to predict for the most part, with a very flawed rock-paper-scisors-nuke designed, where each class has another class they win against/lose to, while at the same time having couple classes (nukes) that destroy every other class. Even replacing oly which we know with 3v3 olympiad fights, where ppl join and get paired with 2 RANDOM other players who participated and then fight against another party of 3 randoms, would be uncomparably better.
  9. Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    This is very tricky especially on a low online server. If we get olympiad so fast, ppl will already start picking their chars according to what has the best chance of winning in olympiad meaning less supports more w/e our buggy chronicle promotes (prob stunners and necro) So moving on to my suggestions concerns: 1. Equpiment Biggest fail of olympiad systems imho was the fact that they were 60% about choosing correct class 30% about having best gear and 10% about player skil. This means that oly is just another race factor unachievable for players with real life (unless you like loosing a lot ofc:)) We can't do much about class factor and lack of balance in l2, but 1 thing we can do is take away the equipment factor, therefor if olympiad was to be implemented everyone upon joining olympiad should have an ability too choose w/e armor/weapon sets they wana use. Sth like a equpiment which works (stats are applied) only when participating in oly fight. Because of above, olympiad should be splitted between item grade mastery: 19 lvl > only can fight against other below 19 lvl players and can choose any no grade items to fight inside oly 39 lvl > only can fight against other 20-39 lvl players and can choose any D grade items to fight inside oly 40-51 > only can fight against other 40-51 lvl players and can choose any C grade items to fight inside oly 52+ > only can fight against other 52+ lvl players and can choose any B grade items to fight inside oly 2. Regarding ammount of heroes and stuff Rather than connecting it to races, I would focus more about class types example: X heroes reserved for archer type classes Y heroes reserved for dagger type classes Z heroes reserved for nuker type classes X heroes reserved for buffer type classes V heroes reserved for sumonner type classes U heroes reserved for warrior (gladiators/tyrants/destro/tanks/dwarfs etc) type classes Numbers should be balanced based on server statistics - how many archers/nukers/etc we have, but not less than 2 But tbh I believe that olympiad is a bad idea for us. Not only it stranghtens the race factors - meaning ppl more focused on maximising farm/soloing/not playing with other players and even more scammers/exploiters. On the other hand if you set up olympiad, at some times the server will simply become empty, because everyone will sit at olympiad manager waiting for their fight. I would much rather like to see team PvP tournaments (maybe 3v3) every weekends where rewards wouldnt give profitable benefits but instead some quality of life buffs (i.e. SoE to particular location/increase number of inv slots/hero glow/chat collor/moun/premium VIP store spots in town/increased whole character size etc...)
  10. Hey I've already mentioned this issue some time ago but dropped it since noone else had this issue and tried to adapt to the default keys. So lately I've noticed couple of ppl mentioning this issue as well so I decided to try mu luck again (especially since playing on F1-12 is a pain). Here is the issue: Whenever I restart l2 client all of my keybinds are getting resetted to default I tried: Reinstalling L2 using both direct and torrent download Launching game from both updater and l2.exe Giving admin rights to entire l2 instalation folder Launching as administrator and/or in compatibility mode Setting keybinds and launching new client before closing old one Logging/reloging/quiting game in every possible way (even through stopping power supply) Pasting some l2.ini posted by supreme long time ago So yes if someone can pls help us with this issue as it makes a huge pain to play l2 If nobody knows a solution to this pls at least tell me where the keybinds are stored. Hell if you have time maybe sending your entire l2 system folder with custom keybinds could help Using 64-bit Win7 if that makes any difference
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for CP/group of ppl to play with. I'm currently 46 lvl Warlord with composite armor, top d pole and akat Have 41 SE box in karmian I'm active everyday between 20:00-01:00 GMT+1 (can stay 1h longer on weekends) Speak fluent english although won't be able to use mic for next 1-3 months (untill i switch my current appartment) I'm a friendly player with high farming stamina who likes teamplay I have only 1 real requirement/expectation (other than having a setup that makes any sort of sense ofc:f) - need to have a slot for my box SE at least untill we get into 60s or establish some trust/playing patterns (dont want to bbe left as a Warlord without recharger since it woul mean my doom ^^) If you guys need a dedicated and very stable, when it comes to gaming hours, Warlord whisper me in game @FinalFen or leave a message here, although I'm usually not checking forum everyday
  12. question about party exp

    I see plenty of flows in your approch to the exp rate solo vs party. You are analyzing everything in a present time frame, you are looking how sth works out for you at this very moment. Sure for now solo grinding mage is ezpz and fast but what will happen after lets say lvl 60? You will have lots of downtime due to mana issues (btm isnt rnough for long grind sessions with normal mp regen) You will have equipment issues as bsps and c. Bones will consume big portion of your income. You wont gain the benefits of RBs because you cant solo them. Etc. At this point you can say that wjen you get to 60 you can jusy join/make parties! But tell me this, do you really think that a support player like se/ee/wc/bd can solo get to these levels? Ofc not. So if an active support gets to this level that means his cp/friends helped him and he will sh*t on yoir party offer. You will be alone with your boxes. At this point you can say: ok but box SE is all i need to progress, and yes you are right you will progress, slowly but steadily. You wont be increasing your wealth but at least you will have levels, that is ofc if you wont die to boredom. . . I. E i cant imagine myself anymore solo nuking mob after mob for months to get into 70s... I prefer to spam aoe skillls for 30s once every 3min during a train and spend rest of time resting/talking to ppl rather than constantly seek for targets target them attack run for their drops etc. . . for hours Another story is that party means protection, without one you wont have access to top spots, you are in constant danger of getting killed by mobs/other players which can mean loss of 40min farm worth of exp +you can drop sth during all of that. But even if you will have enough stamina tu grind your way through all of that crap awaiting for solo players, what then? You achieved sort of late game so its time for pvp right? Wrong, you dont have good and active supports to help you, so you can forget about having a good fun on epics and sieges for the most part. Sure you can aim cor pp buff pvp which is damn fun, but how much of it you can find on a low online server? To sum it all up, partying with other ppl isnt only about increasin your exp rate. Its an investment in your future gameplay. You are decreasing your farm raye (as solo nuker/archer) by 20-30% to help your support mates progress and then increase you own gaming experience by 200% when higher lvls come and/or pvp starts. Personally I participated twice in the l2 private server race to be the top player while playing solo or with 1mate only. Sure it was awesome to wreck people on oly even when noone else on the server could win particular class matchup, but the truth is during that I lost most of the fun that l2 could offer. Even though I never had any issues getting into top clans (who doesnt want 8h+ daily grinder on their side? ) I didnt have any real and trusty mates on the server till the last 10% of the server life because i simple skipped the part where long lasting l2 bonds are being made - during everyday party exp. And guess what before meeting these people i was considering for months to leave the server/game and after we got to know (in game) each other better, it changed and was a real blow to me when i realised that the server is dead. Fock I'm nostalgic today Tldr: playing in party brings a lot more fun, its a bit slower at the beginnig but pays off big time in the long run
  13. Orfen

    V1rus why so much aggression coming from you and your clan ? You seemed like a reasonable guy at the beginning Personally don't care about what exploits you use to kill orfen but why such an aggressive attitude on forum/pk random players in game/spam to clans to accept war or tell others to ask you if they can enter DV ? We get it man - you have shi t ton of free time to waste on this game, you can feel proud of yourself, but many of us play for fun in a limited time frame not needing to join the race or pvp against 1x lvls higher enemies in full parties only so just chill. Don't worry, it doesn't look like there are that many players on the server who can spend 8h+ daily on l2 so you will most likely be the strongest clan, so just chill and play own game, while letting others enjoy their game
  14. AOE skills and debuff

    Ye Supreem you gota modify it or playing AoE classes without party to guard you will be impossible. Atm when you are killing a train, people can walk next to you so you flag them when using aoe skills and proceed to kill you without any penalty/pk while you tank 20 mobs on your chest. On 1 hand if someone attempts that you can stop fighting mobs and die to them, or you can continue fighting, get flag and die to some backstabbers - there's no counterplay/nothing you can do. It can get even worse, imagine someone intentionally stands next to you on low hp, so you PK him with aoe skills and then full party hiding right at the corner comes to zerg your ass - ppl can drop their weapons like this which in most cases means rage quit from the server. Additionally there's too big threat of inflicting unintended dmg to neutral people, just 2 scenarios on top of my head: 1. You have a box/afk teammate who isn't in party because they have some stuff to do/dont want to leech exp, suddenly mobs spawn behind them, guess what if you want to help them you cant use your aoe skills/stun because there`s a big chance you will PK them and aggroing with autoattacks can take some time 2. You attempt RB with another clan/party - guess what you cant use any of your skills because you will attack ppl which are helping you at RB/Epic 3. You fight a train in tight corridor/room, random players want to go further to next room, runs near you just to progress further into the dungeon and gets hit by your skills Current system is insanely exploitable and will bring ton of frustration sooner or later which will result in decrease of online. Solution: make it so only when you force skills (ctrl+skill) it attacks everything around excl. party/clan members