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  1. No need @Olaf I have nothing to discuss with this kind of ppl. ( never played in their life L2 classic and can t understand this business) @MonkeyDLuffy Idk who the F^%$ you are but go back to school and learn some english. btw: are you still lvl 25 ? @Caroll you took it tooooooo personal and you didn't get my point there( no ofense bro) but me and my clan + ally didn t play on this srv 5 years to donate 5k $$ or 10k $$ or how much you donated ( I really don t care- maybe that srv was good, btw how many were you in that clan 10 guys? ) I m only interested in classic srv, so the 1st rule in business is: Show me your product/ project is good > and the money will come baby Take care!
  2. @wildemo Bro, no offense, but no one will cry if "your clan" (6ppl xDD) will leave. ( I don t think your ppl donated in the beginning for the new machine of this server) btw you are free to go to whatever 3x clasic srv you want, no one will stop you bro. L2 Classic is meant to be Hardcore, ( ~2 weeks and we were lvl ~60 lvl - too easy for us) Supreme knows very well what he needs to do... don t need to listen to all of you ( hard workers and playing 2h a day- and no money in their account )) ) " Is just a metter of time " - till then: chill, relax and enjoy your time with your wife bro
  3. @wildemo "everywere are buggers" - I can t stop laughing and your clan name is ..... ???
  4. @Supreme Plz close/delete this topic. TFD is not playing here anymore. Thx and GL with your project ( no heart feelings)
  5. nice joke Monkey, as far as I remember I declared War and not you bro. GN and see ya in the game ladies
  6. you know nothing about l2 bro,, so plz stfu
  7. accept war Jungle if you had 22 ppl online :) I need to make RP clan points
  8. @PrimeClouD gtfo with your 1 party, I had in my CC 4 CP , next time I ll put screensot. fail players go cry more or ACCEPT WAR N.B: if you want to enter DV better to pm me :)
  9. Up Recruiting only CPs atm.
  10. 34
  11. Clan TFD Open Recruitments for full CPs - players who want to play in a CP and a good organised clan (for more info only PM me) Take care and see ya in the game ladies. Up
  12. anyway,,, I don t care anymore,, GL
  13. Bro ,,, you posted TOOO LATE xDDD