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  1. U wanna start to rape the sense of classic with ur suggestions (inclucding the ones in the other thread about the npc buffer) If u really looking for something like this, feel free to join a server that offers something like this. There are some of them out there. And if u say that until 5x private servers are just copies of the offical, then u probably have no clue about, whats going on on offi (just few key words RMT, Botmadness, completly other economy)
  2. i voted 1 main + 1 premium box (Buy as donation or vote coins) because classic and lineage themself is created for party/cp/clan play and since u have the option of the party finder, its easy to find party's, even as a main buffer/sws/bd/tank. The Premium is needed for the server income to afford the costs to run the machine etc. Please remember, even if u dont want to donate, you allways have the possibility to buy the donation coins from other players ingame or by voting for the server. By my experience having 2 free windows leeds into a selffish gameplay of most of the people which is bad for the server future themself since solo players dont brings the pvp/clan/siege/raid action, which is needed for a healthy and stable classic server. So please community, consider my words before u do ur vote
  3. mostly still a support role with debuffs (poison) there will be just few ppl who will have fun to play it
  4. i choosed *x2 Drop / Spoil | x3 XP / SP since the drop/spoil rates was already high in 1.5 and got another increase in 2.0. With 3x drop/spoil or 5x drop/spoil u will just flood the market with mats and items and destroy the economy since everything will be worthless. About exp: actually on offi with 1x u are lvl 20 within 3 hours. With 3x top players will reach lvl 40+ class change in 2 days (with 12 hours/day playtime). So imagine what will happen with 5x. So plz community consider my words before u do ur vote
  5. Everyone should keep in Mind that this is a classic server and people playing here because classic is special, clan/cp focused and hardcore. U already benefit from the huge exp/drop/adena increase from 1.5/2.0. If this i still too hard classic isnt for u then. Leave to a Interlude/H5 or whatever server then. If u looking for Gm shop/full buffs and so on..leave for another Server then. There are hundreds of server out there but nearly no classic servers. So dont try to make the fews too much custom/like the other non classic servers out there
  6. So u didnt gathered infos about classic before u joined this server and now u wanna change things. Leave and play on an c4/Interlude server then...
  7. it is a bit longer story now first of all ur right in your calculations and till a certain lvl there is no doubts that u lvling faster as a solo player. This "certain lvl" is/was influenced by allot of things. For example in 1.0 with 1.0 drop rates there was absolutly no way to afford soulshots/blesseds all the time. People just used them in pvp's. So aoe party's gave already much more benefits in the early 20's in AC. With 1.5 the adena drop rate was increased by around x4 so every player is/was able to afford shots now and farm with them all the time. Also allot of higher lvl solo areas got introduced. So now we have the 1.5/2.0 adena drop for 1.0 areas and because of that ur able to solo with shots and are faster than a party. But that just works because of bugged mana regeneration and just will work till maybe end of 40 since ur mana gain from the pets decreases drastically after 46-47 and the highest lvl mobs 53+ are all atleast 4x up to 8x hp in 1.0.
  8. i already qouted the 1.0 skill database...so ur wrong
  9. what means "ok dmg" in numbers ?
  10. u can be sure that the mob stats of orfen are wrong as on nearly all other mobs too. I wonder what dmg doing this archer party to orfen. In normal case they shouldnt deal more than 160 with normal hit and crit dmg should be around 320 on full buff with top c
  11. its not...its the webarchive of l2central with 1.0 infos if u dont believe just check for example the max lvl of mobs or raids and skills at all
  12. dont talk about things that u dont know 100% https://web.archive.org/web/20150505020543/http://l2central.info/classic/Звуковой_Импульс_-_Гладиатор it have a stun effect in 1.0
  13. in 1.0 u shouldnt even be able to stay at this spot where u stay
  14. right now its 2.0 platform with 1.5/2.0 drops with 1.0 skills...so no hide for now..but later u will have it