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  1. 1157 We Will All Be There!
  2. Two fast questions: 1)Old acc names and passwords will be wiped or be valid to create our chars from the begining? 2)Will we be able to use 2 clients per IP or per HWID? Ty in advance guys for answering! Break a leg for today's launch! Actually break many legs, both legs of DDOS attackerz! Always a Warper!!! For The Horde!!!
  3. 1076 keep bumping
  4. +1 mate! I guess there is no reason in arguing here. this is a topic that shouldn't have been posted at all...haterz gonna hate. and in addition to this, an advice to whoever opened this thread: Impatient people are not good community for classic low rate servers. Keep that in mind next time u wish to join one of those server. Maybe your temper isn't for MMO either, now that i am giving a second thought about what u posted. Truth hurts sorry my imaginary friend...
  5. +1
  6. will u allow 2 clients per pc HWID or per IP, to handle flooding? Some people need to know because we make arrangements for lan parties... Ty in advance guys!
  7. -1 to palevo... a guy with 0 posts enters forum to flame... haterz gonna hate...
  8. Hi again guys! I tried the links for voting for our beloved server and unfortunatelly TOPL2JBRASIL couldn't link. message ----> ERR: connection timed out In addition to that i couldn't understand russian language in L2TOPRU. So, three issues: 1) Do we have to vote in all banners to get reward? 2)If yes, then TOPL2JBRASIL link will be ok in time? (maybe they were having maintenance) 3)If yes, then can someone plz translate the page of L2TOPRU site and explain what to type and how can we vote there? Ty in advance guys!
  9. Hi Warpers! I am selling all of Fuji's spanking signatures for 1 adena each! Plz contribute! Love Ya all! Cheers!
  10. 962 keep it rolling!
  11. +1 only when staff upload upgrades u need to run updater. cheers!
  12. 2 days left... CANNOT WAIT!
  13. 785 keep the counter on!
  14. no reason to raise those timers mate... and i believe that song-dances are 3 minute buffs not 2.... u confused me....
  15. when i tried to destruct a b weapon with my spoiler in inventory, it says u may not crystalize skill lvl too low... this message is supposed to be in crystalazation feature not in destruction... plz check TY in advance!