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  1. IT Crowd, Silicon Valley, Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, X-Files, Black Mirror, Westworld, Hell on Wheels and of course Rick & Morty. // Ohio summed it up pretty much realistically above me; now let us wait and see what the 2k17 movie iteration of (G)host in the (S)hell will be like, cheers!
  2. Player Name: FangornNationality: http://asgardia.space/ ('my' broken state in pre-NWO phase not worth a mention)Have you played L2 Warpgate before: Not in this lifetime; just warped here from Classic x3.Tell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: if Spoil Rune (30%) - 3-Months then Title Color Change + Refined Jester [Pirate] Hat + Heintz (w/ Skill jk w/o) + Top Kek Shining Cloak ✞ else stun && trolling || crowd control = surveillance != entryism == derailing ally politics ++ end if // Greetings to Bonk | Aya | Riven (gattara ), Chev, Baron, Walker, Victor, Virus, Rinoa from Wiedz; see you all at start!