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  1. shadow step is 2.0 skill, this server is 1.0 skills.
  2. ye go for 1 more week to make everything is ok.
  3. Player Name: Lami Nationality: Finland! Have you played L2 Warpgate before: NoTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: gear junkie, like to farm some drops.
  4. ye good suggest, but first fix all bugs
  5. Change reward for this mask, its too powerful, 300mana and 100 casting spd. its far from official.. ppl with 1000 friends get 100 day mask what !?
  6. So will you make premium accounts for server, what gives this xp/sp/drop/spoil for month for certain price, or do u sell them separately ? Also what prices you have thought for these runes, or if there will be premium what will be the price. I really hope they are not like 15€ / 30days.
  7. Good work! ill come test today, any commands for beta to get some help for lvls adena ect ?
  8. ty for answer
  9. Can i hear whats the plan for this :)?