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  1. Xaxa.. nah actually we already have some more than 2 good players ...but we will see when server starts Tell me the players ^^ you cant count u and popika ^^
  2. Guys Do not listen to pansen for now Jungle clan is crap, only 2 good players there ^^
  3. This sounds great, Problem for us atm is that we donno if clan will go... so much is unclear for us atm I will hook u up in some weeks when we know more!
  4. jag körde google translate och fattade det till slut..
  5. Ruski blyat?
  6. Add my skype and I will invite you to our skype group (zata1337)
  7. Hello Mininoobski =) Gispa is here, elma also active in the forum (Not on skype wtf....) We are like everyone waiting for server to start, Add my skype if you got (zata1337)!! You can find Gispa there aswell. You are welcome!
  8. Better dont forget it then vergin 10
  9. You show this each winter...
  10. HIV?
  11. That's not dope.. I show you DOPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMZi25Pq3T8
  12. Little background from this feature and suggestion.. H5 servers usually have this "offline buffstore" in most of the servers to sell buffs that you can't find in npc buffer such as CC,dance of berseker.. I thought this feature about buffstore would be a great thing to have in this classic server since there ofc wont be a npc buffer ^^ There will of course be a restricted buffstore, like in my opinion you should not be able to make it to a offline store to sell buffs when you logout the character. Why would this be a good feature? What i'm thinking on is the solo players that we will have around the server, not everyone have friends/clan to play with, and people playing buffer can't be online 24/7. Wouldn't this make the buff classes dissapear in pvp/pve? Nope, since the dance/songs will not have long buff time. Feel free to put a comment down below, If you vote no then explain why you do it
  13. Wait! what should I download? Interlude? Ps. NVM IN RETARD