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  1. Just a crappy suggestion to see if it's possibru to enable the shout box for at least a limited time? Would be especially helpful to anyone who is having trouble logging in, etc
  2. hmmm now if only i can remember my login info lol
  3. Sick song, great to chill to
  4. Count me in, hoping i have time to play
  5. I'd join if you'd have me, no idea what I would play though. Must wait and see what server is like.
  6. So saddening , condolences to anyone affected. If only there were something more we could do than post peace signs and change facebook photos. Praying for everyone atm because this enemy wants the world
  7. One of the attackers was registered as a refugee in Greece Hitler couldn’t defeat Europe. Stalin couldn’t defeat Europe. Today, political correctness is doing the job
  8. I've been playing private WoW on Warmane....... playing Hearthstone (very fun + FREE -- add me if you are on American server)....... and playing smite (really fun but I'm too laggy recently to play)... Also been messing around on a certain L2 server for fun, especially because some of our same guys are there.
  9. Why not open Eritheus before release of Classic? Rather than at the same time?
  10. E.T.A. ?? (Estimated time of arrival)
  11. I have some screens of some pretty impossible things happening
  12. I agree