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  1. if less people , then no wipe.
  2. well ivo , your butthurtness is over 9000 bro , why do u even make a thread? just to make yourself look pathetic ? well damn , you're never forced to play in here anyway ;).
  3. congratz on wasting ur time and be 24 / 7 in lineage 2 ...
  4. i got it now
  5. just stop menik U_U.
  6. yeahhhhhhhh mace +12 and set robe +7
  7. TPoC? so many weapons lol.
  8. god damn it , cya.
  9. you believe in what you want to believe , i know what i'm saying is true.
  10. nah , that's a lie , but ok , it has been a lie for a month already now :3
  11. @bold , yes , speak carol
  12. at least i do not ask for help
  13. that's just for pussies.
  14. i never did asked for help , but okay. only when non-achievements , but after that... i did not ever asked for help , but hey... if u're saying , u're saying
  15. well... i'm 100 % certain that for me said 10 times man... wtf