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  1. UPDATE: Now we fast forward 2 weeks and everyone is PKing at DV now The people who survived and kept going are now farming at the deepest levels of DV, which is a tough area. Most people have found the shortcut via the fort, and the smart ones survived to create good war pvp. You see it is natural, and survival of the fittest.
  2. BBRU))))))))))) How about even farther back? This is the only video I made I could find, and it's my first and shittiest one.
  3. Partially correct but partially incorrect. Who knows if casual will show up or a level 50+, so everyone dies. Noone smart would let low levels in "to farm" when they will just loot your gear if you die with karma. It's PK spree class 101. If people stop coming you can farm your karma away with no worries. I'm not saying this is the absolute truth of what happens there but it doesn't matter if it is or isn't. If this is about activity, an active PKer is arguably healthier for server than an inactive casual. Your argument should have supported people who are not casuals and want to farm. Unfortunately for you those people are the PKers. But it is a win-win scenario for my point. Just go farm there again later, or take another entrance in bro.
  4. Trust me I understand you, I simply do not agree with the argument. You want to stop a larger crew of people doing 6 hours of farming/pking in a spot made for group farming. Just so this "one guy who can't get a crew" can farm there for 2 hours? As I said just don't go back there. There is nothing else to do.
  5. Your main argument was claiming to be about server health of activity in this farming area.... So ask yourself one question; what is the difference between an active party of PKers and an active party of farmers? Both are in the new zone. Often time the PKers outnumber everyone else.... Therefore the PKer group is the definition of zone activity. We don't just PK we farm for mats like you guys & go red to farm in peace. Think about it..this is your ideology here. You want to be left alone to farm. We wanted it too but we won. It's only been 3 days of it. It's arguably far greater activity for server than you painted it out to be. Realize that calling for a ban of "PKers" for doing exactly what you would do in their position is incredibly selfish. /endrant
  6. First of all there are tons of farming spots....and more ways than the casual teleport in from town! Get creative a bit. NonFactors are at war with every clan we come across and we find a way to farm. I'm a dagger user and that's all I play I've found plenty of ways to get around all these mages we also fight against. You just have to buckle down and GET MORE LEVELS. Stop trying to run in like you're a track athlete thinking you can sneak past a whole clan holding down the entrance. Do not expect to live, i mean god damn it man! No wonder you get 1 level a week. Nobody is "exploiting flawed game design" & nobody who "doesn't care" about your complaint "should be banned". The solution to lower XP loss from PK is the most that should be done but even that would be horrendous because of 1 post after only 3 days of this.
  7. hai mens! Much love
  8. I've been gone so long I don't even remember who my enemies were. Good to be here!
  9. Agreed!!! Shoutbox was a great idea!))) originally brought to u by yours truly)   but why it now gone? :(
  10. i vote with Haplo. I find myself oddly in favor of most of his posts. Unlike some others I know. ;)