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  1. 61,06% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  2. Creation of 2.0 update is on going and on this post i will add all the developments made on TEST server related to the 2.0 update. If you guys decide to test stuff as they come in and find some problems on it please lemme know in this same topic. The topic will not be locked, but all non related posts will be deleted or moved
  3. 43,8% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  4. 42% Classic Skill's Effects from 6945 Skill's updated to Classic
  5. Skill's Parser's Effect's from old Skills finished completely Now working directly with Classic client's Effects information
  6. Skill's Parser's Condition's Developments finished completely Now will finally start working on Effect's
  7. Hey, i dont mind testing stuff but.

    After some developments
  8. Skill's Conditions still under Development (now parsing directly from Client) The same structures should work for effects aswell with some reworks I really think this parser is the one that takes much more time developing due to skill's nature and everything that influences skills.
  9. Guys i will have to go offline until Sunday due to Personal Matters Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
  10. At the moment working at Skill's Parser - Conditions section
  11. Task's List Updated: Classic Spawns Classic Npcs Classic Skills Classic Skills Trees Classic Items Classic Achievement System Classic Recipes L2 Warpgate Parsers: Data Generator created by L2 Warpgate (Supreme) for L2 Warpgate exclusively providing a better faster reliable Classic data from all Official sources (Client and Web) without any guesses. Skill's Parser under Developments (Developed up to 75%)
  12. някой да помогне

    Dear teschkar, As we both discussed at our Discord you already have this issue fixed correct? (Please write in English in main Sections)
  13. exicution grounds

    He's agressive in Official it will be updated with Npc's Parser
  14. exicution grounds

    They were updated with latest Helios 3.0 files now they are not aggressive anymore. But they have social aggro as when you hit onto some near mob they will all aggro on you. Don't know if this happens aswell on Official but i will confirm and report it back.
  15. Release date / Data de Lançamento

    Edited (First in English then in other language so everyone can understand. If possible Keep it in English mainly please) Editado (Tente escrever primeiramente em Inglês seguido pela sua lingua por favor mantendo assim o Fórum em geral Inglês para que todos percebam) Dear Gazola, En: Right on the top and at our homepage: Pt-Br: No Topo do Fórum e na nossa página (Atenção que Spring no Brasil será em Março, Abril ou Maio, sem data certa ainda): Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
  16. Админ помоги забыл PIN

    Private Message me in English with your Account name, Account Password, Characters Names and Levels
  17. newbie area issues

    Thanks for your review! About Items (Quest Items showing in main inventory) check our Task's List for Items Stats and Prices (waits rework) and also check you will find some of the issues which are waiting reworks aswell from our task's list:
  18. Here's our Task list concerning our Development's progress (green = as intended | yellow = untested | orange = waits rework): Classic Spawns Classic Npcs Classic Skills Classic Skills Trees Classic Items Classic Achievement System Classic Recipes L2 Warpgate Parsers: Data Generator created by L2 Warpgate (Supreme) for L2 Warpgate exclusively providing a better faster reliable Classic data from all Official sources (Client and Web) without any guesses. Clan related Clan Levels Clan Wars Clan Reputation Clan Skills New Clan Members System Clan Reward System Clan Login Bonus Clan Hunting Bonus Clan Entry System Party related 9x party members Party XP / SP bonuses More then 15 levels - no experience Party Matching Provisional and normal Clan Halls Provisional Auction System Provisional Clan Halls Provisional Clan Halls Manager updated Normal Clan Halls Normal Clan Halls Manager updated Castle Sieges Gludio Castle Siege - Siege for Beginners Siege Alliance System Siege / Castle functionalities Rewards Grand Olympiad Participation Conditions Penalties Matches Terms of Winning and Losing Hero Determination Rewards Fishing System Rewards Achievement / Daily Mission System Redeem Daily Coin Humans Human Stats Human Skill status Elfs Elf Stats Elf Skill status Dark Elfs Dark Elf Stats Dark Elf Skills status Orcs Orc Stats Orc Skills status Dwarfs Dwarf Stats Dwarf Skills status Maximum Level: 81 (Restricted with monster's levels) Character / Monster level difference penalties PK and subsequential Death Penalties PK count reduction methods Character penalty upon death experience: 4% loss When character dies item drop penalty All Skills including transformations Stats (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) Duel system Mounts Classic spawnlist Talking Island area Elven area Dark Elf area Orc area Dwarf area Gludin area Gludio area Dion area Giran area Oren area Hunters area Aden area Tower of Insolence Classic teleports Classic mobs stats Classic mobs drops Classic Reputation System Baium Rift of Heaven Dungeon of Abyss PvP Zones Lair of Antharas Tower of Insolence Turek Orc Camp New Raid Bosses System Call of Spirits / Elite Monsters Buff Herbs from Monsters Ruins of Agony Ruins of Despair Special Event Monsters Ruins of Agony Ruins of Despair Abandoned Camp Turek Orc Camp Cruma Tower (2nd floor) Classic Buylists (NPC Shops) Classic Buylists HTMLs Classic items stats Classic items prices Classic recipes Classic dyes max draw (+12 for each type) Ensoul System Dualsword Production Luxury Shop System Pet's Soulshots Epic Jewelry Upgrade System Runes – New Weapon Properties Talismans Path of the Warrior Path of the Human Knight Path of the Rogue Path of the Human Wizard Path of the Cleric Path of the Elven Knight Path of the Elven Scout Path of the Elven Wizard Path of the Elven Oracle Path of the Palus Knight Path of the Assassin Path of the Dark Wizard Path of the Shillien Oracle Path of the Orc Raider Path of the Orc Monk Path of the Orc Shaman Path of the Scavenger Path of the Artisan Trial of the Challenger Testimony of Trust Test of the Champion Test of the Duelist Trial of Duty Test of the Healer Test of Witchcraft Trial of the Seeker Test of the Searcher Test of Sagittarius Trial of the Pilgrim Test of Magus Test of the Summoner Test of the Reformer Testimony of Life Trial of the Scholar Testimony of Fate Testimony of Glory Test of the Lord Test of the War Spirit Trial of the Guildsman Testimony of Prosperity Test of the Maestro Letters of Love What Women Want Deliver Goods Sacrifice to the Sea Mass of Darkness Find Sir Windawood Nerupa's Request Fruit of the Mother Tree Shilen's Hunt Deliver Supplies Recover Smuggled Goods Sword of Solidarity Spirit of Craftsman Spirit of Mirrors Skirmish with the Orcs Forgotten Truth Shards of Golem Legacy of the Poet Sea of Spores Fever Protect the Water Source Curse of the Fortress Fever Medicine Immortal Love Dwarven Kinship Offspring of Nightmares Will the Seal be Broken? Seed of Evil Blood Fiend Dangerous Seduction Bring Wolf Pelts Pleas of Pixies Keen Claws Wrath of Verdure The Guard is Busy Orc Hunting Bonds of Slavery Collect Spores Trade with the Ivory Tower Orc Subjugation Collect Arrowheads Bones Tell the Future Scent of Death Request from the Farm Owner Collector's Dream Grim Collector Crystals of Fire and Ice Destroy Plague Carriers Catch the Wind Sweetest Venom Vanquish Remnants Sense for Business Recover the Farmland Curiosity of a Dwarf Collector of Jewels An Elder Sows Seeds Hunt of the Black Lion Arrow of Vengeance Long Live the Pa'agrio Lord Miner's Favor Merciless Punishment Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss Proof of Valor Revenge of the Redbonnet Wrath of Ancestors Brigands Sweep Invaders of the Holy Land The Hidden Veins Skirmish with the Werewolves Covert Business Dark Winged Spies Dreaming of the Skies Totem of Hestui Gatekeeper's Offering Tarantula Spider Silk Gatekeeper's Favor Leto Lizardmen Hunting Family Honor Dig Up the Sea of Spores! 1000 years, the End of Lamentation Conquest of Alligator Island Whisper of Dreams - Part 1 Whisper of Dreams - Part 2 Illegitimate Child of a Goddess Plunder the Supplies Moon Knight A game of cards An Arrogant Search Saga of the Phoenix knight Saga of Eva’s Templar Saga of the Sword Muse Saga of the Duelist Saga of the Dreadnought Saga of the Titan Saga of the Grand Khavatari Saga of the Dominator Saga of the Doomcryer Saga of the Adventurer Saga of the Wind Rider Saga of the Ghost Hunter Saga of the Sagittarius Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel Saga of the Ghost Sentinel Saga of the Cardinal Saga of the Hierophant Saga of Eva’s Saint Saga of the Archmage Saga of the Mystic Muse Saga of the Storm Screamer Saga of the Arcana Lord Saga of the Elemental Master Saga of the Spectral Master Saga of the Soultaker Saga of the Hell Knight Saga of the Spectral Dancer Saga of the Shillien Templar Saga of the Shillien Saint Saga of the Fortune Seeker Saga of the Maestro Exploring the west wing of the Dungeon of Abyss Exploring the east wing of the Dungeon of Abyss Warpgate NPC: Will upgrade our Server's Classic version according to Player's stats such as levels reach, farmed items amount, pvps made and several others More info soon Classic Attendance Check feature Vote Manager Seasonal Events Automated Events Anti Bot Report System Donatable Items / Skins: No Donation will influence / change in game stats Several donatable items will be available by in game farm uMaster (more info Soon) uPlay (more info Soon) uRefer (more info Soon) uShare (more info Soon) uAchieve (more info Soon) uChat (more info Soon) uMaster Panel systems are a creation of L2 Warpgate, just like Clan Ring and Master Ring and its name. Others might copy the name but its true origin is L2 Warpgate's. We're proud of such creations and we love to serve high quality and enjoy creating such high quality features. It is what distinguishes us from the others. Top PvP Top PK Castle & Siege Boss Status Heroes Historical Heroes Olympiad Ranking Warpgate NPC progress status Server Info Server Guides Classic Guides Rules Donations Forum IP.Board update Current Theme upgrade Classic Erica x5 exclusive Trailer Classic Erica x5 exclusive Installer
  19. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Sendo o esclarecimento igual então irá funcionar da mesma maneira que no Oficial.
  20. Dualsword

    Hello grubber, We haven't updated Item Stats yet. Check our Task List:
  21. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Não entendi a sua pergunta. CC = Command Channel? up AOE = upando com skills em área (AOE Skills) com uma party e command channel? Se CC significa para Command Channel e se eventualmente no Classic Oficial a crónica está feita para se obter XP com command channel então teremos também aqui. -------------------------------- CC = Command Channel? up AOE = exping with AOE Skills with a Party and Command Channel? If CC does mean Command Channel in your context and eventually Official Classic is made for this feature (exp is shared with command channel) then we will have it aswell.
  22. Im still continuing the Skills Parser. Problem with special npc is that you guys will not test it clearly 100% as it should be and will "avoid" some checks during your tests like class change quests and some other minor small things which can cause a lack of testing and eventuall Server's Opening failure (again)
  23. Bugs, problems

    Official Release will have what Official Classic has (No Custom Items shops)
  24. RATES SV.

    We discussed this before creating this poll. As i said to him most of the Players from Warpgate already wishes and waits for a x5 Server. Altough if he really wanted to see some public legitm opinions he could suggest here at our Forum in which he did (this Poll). Nevertheless it's not going to change my mind...