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  1. 61,06% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  2. 43,8% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  3. 42% Classic Skill's Effects from 6945 Skill's updated to Classic
  4. Skill's Parser's Effect's from old Skills finished completely Now working directly with Classic client's Effects information
  5. Skill's Parser's Condition's Developments finished completely Now will finally start working on Effect's
  6. Hey, i dont mind testing stuff but.

    After some developments
  7. Skill's Conditions still under Development (now parsing directly from Client) The same structures should work for effects aswell with some reworks I really think this parser is the one that takes much more time developing due to skill's nature and everything that influences skills.
  8. Guys i will have to go offline until Sunday due to Personal Matters Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
  9. At the moment working at Skill's Parser - Conditions section
  10. Task's List Updated: Classic Spawns Classic Npcs Classic Skills Classic Skills Trees Classic Items Classic Achievement System Classic Recipes L2 Warpgate Parsers: Data Generator created by L2 Warpgate (Supreme) for L2 Warpgate exclusively providing a better faster reliable Classic data from all Official sources (Client and Web) without any guesses. Skill's Parser under Developments (Developed up to 75%)
  11. някой да помогне

    Dear teschkar, As we both discussed at our Discord you already have this issue fixed correct? (Please write in English in main Sections)
  12. exicution grounds

    He's agressive in Official it will be updated with Npc's Parser
  13. exicution grounds

    They were updated with latest Helios 3.0 files now they are not aggressive anymore. But they have social aggro as when you hit onto some near mob they will all aggro on you. Don't know if this happens aswell on Official but i will confirm and report it back.
  14. Release date / Data de Lançamento

    Edited (First in English then in other language so everyone can understand. If possible Keep it in English mainly please) Editado (Tente escrever primeiramente em Inglês seguido pela sua lingua por favor mantendo assim o Fórum em geral Inglês para que todos percebam) Dear Gazola, En: Right on the top and at our homepage: Pt-Br: No Topo do Fórum e na nossa página (Atenção que Spring no Brasil será em Março, Abril ou Maio, sem data certa ainda): Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme