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  1. Oi, sou do Brasil.

    Gostaria de saber se o server pretende em algum momento permitir mais de 1 conta por IP, pois tentei criar uma conta separada para meu anão crafter, e logo que começo a jogar sou desconectado.

    Tenho irmão e sobrinho que também gostariam de jogar, porem temos apenas 2 computadores, sem a possibilidade de outras contas no mesmo IP sera impossível jogarmos juntos, mesmo que 2 por vez, visto que teremos 3 contas.

    E também pelo fato dos buffs, como poderei criar um buffer e utilizá-lo com meus outros personagens???

    Desde de já obrigado.

    1. Supreme


      Sim será possível, aliás no atual Erica x5 você pode logar com 2 contas no mesmo PC.

      Basta so entrar no jogo apartir do nosso Updater sempre.

    2. xxxtan


      meu updater n abre o jogo, esta dando erro

    3. Supreme


      Usa o patch manual.

      Brevemente existirá um updater totalmente completo (nossa aplicação chamada uPlay)


  2. 90,62% Classic Skill's Effects updated --------------------------------------------------- All Effects are Parsed --------------------------------------------------- 651 skill's require manual update check (some missed parsed info) from 6945 Skill's Parser will still be able to update them Happy Easter!
  3. 82,23% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  4. 74,48% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  5. newbie area issues

    Only after Skill's Parser becoming complete i will release the update on Pre Alpha. This update will fix most of the problems.
  6. Yes ofc, but I need to clean forum a bit since some info are outdated. We will start with full 2.0 version with Zaken client. And further upgrade to v2.1 v2.2++ will be released eventually.
  7. 70,09% Classic Skill's Effects updated To keep up with latest Wiki updates and since EU is almost updating himself with Zaken's 2.1 patch and with latest Classic client update. We will also follow them so then you guys can better guide yourselves with the wiki infos. As example: when searching for a quest guide or simply some correct drop info. L2 Warpgate is still being developed towards 2.0 but with 2.1 client. Nevertheless we will not have a mix as we did before. About Quest Guides and Drop Info and all wiki content, i will follow current EU's info (2.0) and when they update to zaken (2.1) I'll update them again with that version 2.1. So we dont have a sort of a mix Altought all the quests not presented in 2.1 Zaken version will be deleted as they will not show at Quest Map Info. In a near future we will discuss more about things like: Sieges dates / times Oly dates / times QHP / CP Pots in official shop etc?
  8. 61,06% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  9. 43,8% Classic Skill's Effects updated
  10. 42% Classic Skill's Effects from 6945 Skill's updated to Classic
  11. Skill's Parser's Effect's from old Skills finished completely Now working directly with Classic client's Effects information
  12. Skill's Parser's Condition's Developments finished completely Now will finally start working on Effect's
  13. Hey, i dont mind testing stuff but.

    After some developments
  14. Skill's Conditions still under Development (now parsing directly from Client) The same structures should work for effects aswell with some reworks I really think this parser is the one that takes much more time developing due to skill's nature and everything that influences skills.