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  1. Update: Mages (More like ranged characters will benefit from this) Since melee ones will still have to run to mob and kill it while others range kill it.
  2. Auto Loot was already a donation option under my toughts during Erica Server but i never got it implemented or announced. Other options are just like a Bot
  3. I read everything, About the Clan/ally leaders i've always asked that when I see its necessary. Off course in a way is interacting with gameplay for some players, but im not changing anything, im just asking. That's why i've always said Server get's killed by Community actions. But there are ways in which i can restrict / limit / control everyone in which Privacy Policy and User Agreement will cover it for me Here's another Review from a formal cl: https://lightenia.wordpress.com/lineage-2/review/
  4. AWESOME Review - Lineage II in a nutshell. Although doesn't it changes much the low rate marketing with a new chronicle (Saviors - Zaken) where most of Warpers wants to try it from 0 as a new thing without modifications? BUT i know by my own footsteps as a player (while testing stuff from official) that everything you said ABOVE was TRUE. In terms of League of Legends progression it really makes Lineage II a different game type with a re-freshed gameplay and stability. Im also looking far more into the future with this topic. Could we start as this where as you mentioned the vast majority of old L2'ers will feel like a different game i want full retail like i'm not joining... But that's the case where L2 newcomers leave to League of Legends due to the amount of attachment they have to put to simply become stronger.
  5. Dear Warpers, Our current developments focusing on Pre Alpha access are still on schedule and underway. Our Schedule: Updating Server's Files with latest bug fixes Transferring the current Website / Forum Files and Saviors x5 files to New Server Machine Installing a new Web Server module (Nginx Apache) providing a much faster and reliable Web Server / Forum for the Pre Alpha Updating our Forum with latest IP.Board updates including a new Theme (with no customizations yet) After these procedures i'll continue reworking Npc's Parser and Skill's Learning Trees Server's Maintenance is required as for the upcoming Month preparations before introducing Pre Alpha Expect Website and Domain downtimes Erica x5 will be Shutdown and his data stored for the future merge process! Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
  6. That's a Classic mid rate already IMO in which we will have one aswell with rates above 10x / discussed in the future. About Current x5 rates you should continue discussing here: Thanks for your feedback so far
  7. Não percebi muito bem o que você escreveu (devido ao google translate direto). Mas o Warpgate é Servidor Clássic.
  8. There will be a mid rate aswell after we finish our low rate base. This is for Saviors named Server
  9. There will be a mid rate aswell after we finish our low rate base. This is for Saviors named Server
  10. Which Savior's Dualbox Preferences you think will be perfect for you? No "fake votes" / "doubled" allowed. Vote with honesty. Think for the Server's health and his Community. In the end I'll check it out and see if it's acceptable or not.
  11. Yes ofc
  12. Which Savior's Server rates you think will be perfect for you? No "fake votes" / "doubled" allowed. Vote with honesty. Think for the Server's health and his Community. In the end I'll check it out and see if it's acceptable or not.
  13. Eu não sei como se encontram sinceramente, tem de ver no Saviors como está e no oficial. Certamente ficará como no Oficial eu / ru (Innova).
  14. Supreme mais uma que notei u.u porque (Eva serenate) skil dos EE não esta funcionado não esta funcionando?

    OBS: Ela aparentimente parece estar desabilitada pois não funciona !

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. sayfer27


      Eva serenate não vai ser usado '-' :ph34r:?

    3. Supreme


      Não disse isso, simplesmente devemo nos focar no Saviors 2.1 pois os seus ficheiros serão usados no Erica tambem quando tudo tiver pronto. Se Eva Serenate existir no Classic Saviors 2.1 logo será usado certamente e funcionando corretamente.

    4. sayfer27


      ata entendi obrigado :D 

  15. Supreme! Ola precisa ser revisto o agro dos monstros. 

    por exemplo: quando eu passo perto de um Satyr (monstro agressivo enchanted valle) é normal que ele venha, mas, quando esse satyr passa perto de um monstro passivo, como o unicon, o monstro passivo se torna agressivo, e pega assist do que realmente é agressivo, no caso, satyr.

    Isso ocorre não só em enchanted valle, mas como em todo lugar. 

    Já em Cruma tower e Lair of Antharas, muitos monstros que deveriam ser agressivos, no server eles são passivos.


    Em fim, poderia dar mais exemplos mas acho que isso já deu pra esclarecer.

    1. Supreme


      Obrigado pelo report, mas devemos sempre manter-los na área especifica:

      Relativamente ao bug, o unicorn basicamente se junta ao satyr e ataca você?

      Se sim então este tema é normal como deve saber (chama-se social aggro) porem no oficial pode nao haver relacionamento entre o unicorn e o satyr.

      Foi isto que se passou?

    2. sayfer27


      A na verdade o eu passo perto do satyr e ele pucha todos os mobs em volta dele ate o caminho a mim ..não só os unicorn mesmo mobs que não não agrecivos ele pucha,oque acaba puchando quase a area toda de mobs sem nem mesmo ter encostado em um '='

      OBS: (eu não ataco o satyr mesmo assim ele pucha todos os mobs em volta como se eu tive-se batido nele)

      Outro exemplo em quin ant e dragon valley e em outros lugar mais esses são os que da pra notar ok :D

    3. Supreme