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  1. I agree we see bugs - But if they can get resolved fast enough there is no reason for wipe. But if not we should reconsider a relaunch and see this as a final beta.
  2. Hi Supreme, When you are in a party drops and spoils other players receive are not listed in the chat og damage window. Will you take a look at it :)?
  3. Snakeey - OKAY fucking good report - No fucking joke! Makes the post alot more cool to use the word FUCKING! Irony is maybe used.
  4. Most are english and you will find people everywhere If you have question join the server discord channel
  5. @mortisia Supreme said that all accounts are wiped, so nothing is saved from friday. Supreme wrote about boxes: 2 clients for each machine Needs to be as for lan users
  6. Says the guy with 1 post - There is no alternativ so cut the crap.
  7. Only a few hours left then we go live mother fuckers! Kiss your real life good bye and welcome you to chips, coca cola, red bull and yummi bears! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC! ARE YOU READDDDYYYYY ????
  8. Yes big project and over 1500+ online We wait Server will launch tomorrow
  9. Bye to you, everyone I know are just waiting. There is no alternativ to match Warpgate
  10. Look addicted clan / cp post
  11. Seems fine ?? good job ?
  12. I will join either way :-) Just keep people happy, for my part the most important is no lag and no downtime.