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  1. Can we make alrdy any tests with chars or no special npc yet?
  2. Missing task about special NPC for test server, to see when its done
  3. Server down for these updates (ETA: ~1 Hour)


    hey, after this restart cant enter test server, simply when entering id, password and window popup ".exe has stopped working" before that i could enter test server. I enter thru test server updater, anything missing that the game crash?

    1. Supreme


      Should be invalid password, just create another account

    2. player3


      true, it was password. Sorry for double, "status" and priv message, didnt know how "status" work.

      by the way special npc up, or not yet?

    3. Supreme


      not yet only after some stuff implemented

  4. so theres not yet special npc? keep on good work
  5. So we wont be able to test chars on higher lvls just stuck within x5 rate? Or will u provider NPC with these options?
  6. Accounts with GM/builder commands? //summon, //set_skill, //setparam ?
  7. y, cant wait to test
  8. i'm happy to hear that, waiting for annoucment of being up work goes incredibly further
  9. @Supreme any news?
  10. 2
  11. Great, thanks for all info. I will do abit more research and hope to take a look on live here My 1st goal is to find a HR/test serv to check some classic features to not waste time at live, just develop there knowing what we want
  12. Every server has things to do And test hopefuly in january if time will let u, ye?