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  1. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    If you made REAL CT2 yes with all active/passive skill.New items/zones.I response wrong i was want to say if you use HELIOS core stat for PRIMARY STATS you will get wrong gaming balance :))) Couse on saviours Base Stats give different BONUS!
  2. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    OK shot me down! https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dyes Max stats of such dyes: +4/-5. https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/saviors/things/#grocersnewproducts SO ON CT2 YOU CANT HAVE +12! on KOREA server you cant on classic club no idea It depend of version if A grade weapons GOT SA no +12 Dyes.If they hasn't you may PUT+12 but WIT parameter is LOWERED and for bonus mages got passive skill Circle of magic (+9% Cast +10 M critical rate) for compensation!
  3. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    As we know classic CT2 with 3rd class dyes are like before -> +5 MAX NOT +15!
  4. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    @Chevignon this is your option :))) MY clan if will play on x2 x1 hardcore we will back on offi server,couse its will be same.In topzone hopzone e.t.c. all vote sites for private servers high rate servers (with buffers) are on first places WHY????Anyway keep working :)))
  5. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    @MpFiVŠµ You want same things like offi server so what is point to play here if its off like 1:1???PPL looking for more rates also LF servers with buffer to can have fun i can bet if here has server x5-x10 with buffer + class manager and server without them server with buffer and class manager will have x5 more players than normal!
  6. Dvp and my opinion

    ITs l2 classic not custom server if you want fun beg gm to made server with full buffer
  7. Price for PK Scrolls

    And were is sold PK scrolls i check hardin and dont find only clan hall were is 1 for 600k A grade........
  8. @Caroll You fill my heart ! That what i have to say was->what is difference you will be 60lvl in 2 or 5 weeks??????Someday you reach max level and then go Overenchanting!Pro players know l2classic is maded different that why ppl love it.Here noone can be OP (epic jewels give less overechantig give less) So if you feel boring in 2 weeks on x5 you will be boring after 5-6 weeks on x3 Just its time to move on CT 1.5 Aden to be opened e.t.c. After that olympiad sieges e.t.c. NOONE CARE THAT SOME BUGGERS HAVE MILIONS.What they will BUY??? OVERENCHANTING AND BURNING ITEMS and they won't BE OP couse its classic +3bow or +9bow whatever 100 p atack more............That's my point!
  9. Most people come here couse server info was x5-x10 and no wipe easy leveling if there will be x3 hardcore server there are many oders classic like that.Workers people LF over x5 server like this for x3 we know many oder servers and options right?
  10. My Clan is FrozenEmpire and what does it matter we re 6ppl workers play only at night 2-3 ours.And YES for 12 years of playing l2 in 300+ servers all type chronicles i never see server whitout bugs and buggers!
  11. The solution is only one CT1.5.But there will be new bugs on quest and e.t.c.And if there Wipe do you thing ppl will play again.I AM PISS OF TO MAKING FAKING 1st and 2nd CLASS QUESTS 12343721432194923178 TIMES on many failed servers!And how you can be sure on CT 1.5 2 2.2 or oder chronicle there will be no buggers???Everywere are buggers.most important thing is L2 Classic is ballanced chronicle from items.Most important thing on classic is level/buffs so if open CT1.5 old players will be no OPs any more.If wipe i refuse to play l2 with my clan.I cant made them this pain of class quests for xxxxxx TIME!!!!!!!!!!!