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  3. Npcs Parser is fully developed 100% parsing Classic NPCs now But will not release today the update to the server i have to make sure everything is ok By tomorrow i will be ready to give out final statement about some update to test server
  4. Trial of the Challenger

    all work. It's was geodata bug
  5. Yesterday
  6. Bugs, problems

    Ok i wait for test quest
  7. Bugs, problems

    Im already aware of all of them since our Classic 1.5 PTS Files (2016) About Items Prices, wait for the Items Parser to be ready and all will be Ok in good share About Alexandria i developed some new file locations before reworking all Npcs (at the moment working on Npcs Parser): The New Npcs give same "custom" warnings from my old Interlude Server's files path so i can look for the respective files Information and if it matches current Classic texts from Official.
  8. Bugs, problems

    1. Problem with back to town from Monster Race. 2. On classic 2.0 wolf and other pets they are disabled? 3. Price in Luxury Shop and other shops 4. Alexandria NPC on Luxury Shop
  9. Trial of the Challenger

    Hi! I can't enter in cave,where stay mob's and can't kill him.if you take mob in target (Gorr) ,me go away from cave and it all.
  10. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    Yes please, keep this as close to the official Classic as possible please. The same luxury shop, no shadow weps, etc. and of course keep the PK Scrolls! They play a big part in Classic servers! (maybe increase their price). As for 2box, I would allow it, maybe with max. 1 dualbox+1offline shop. This will help solo players at the start, otherwise people not in CPs/clans might feel discouraged if they have to spend 20minutes looking for party in town, and anyways at higher levels you have to join a group to enjoy the good things
  11. Reworked all Classic Npc's speed values: walking, running, inside water and flying
  12. Reworked all Npcs factions (Clans Nomination, Clan Ranges assistance, Ignored Clans) (For those who don't know, these are the configurations that makes Mobs (Not Aggro) to assist some other Mob when you attack the same Clan's Mob) Example: Cruma's Portas attacking at same time
  13. Last week
  14. This is from Helios spawns indeed, as i said we will release all Classic Spawns after i finish the Npcs Parser
  15. вроде как его не должно быть =)
  16. The same. Could not connect to Authentication Server.

  17. Today Developments: Fixed packet issue with Buffs List showing 0 secs and not showing properly all buffs Tested fully Spawns Parser Rechecked some of the Spawns (base if it works like how it was designed and meant to be in Classic style) Mobs no longer spawn inside walls like our current Classic Erica x5 Server This night was necessary for checking everything related with this spawns When i wake up i will start working (finally) on Npcs Parser (better the Npcs first) so you guys can start testing stuff altought Npcs will miss many Classic Items and Skills as we need for that: Items and Skills Parser working 100% But no problem since after completing both of them I will run again all the Parsers so it completes the new Classic Data. Slowly we will get there PS: These developments are not yet released on the Pre Alpha Server. I will only release after Npcs Parser
  18. so theres not yet special npc? keep on good work
  19. Classic Spawns Parser completed 100% Spawns Parser loads only 6k spawns Due to missing (new) npcs / mobs from Classic We have to get more then 16k That's the reason I need to parse first npcs but the process needs to be like this: Items Parser -> for -> Npcs Parser (due to Droplists) -> for -> Classic Spawns Parser Following the cycle above - First need the Items Parser
  20. Orc Raider Frenzy

    during the pre alpha 2.0 skills developments
  21. Orc Raider Frenzy

    + when fixed frenzy?
  22. @WinRay There will be a new Classic Server 2.0 after all developments / tests. Classic Erica x5 will stay ONLINE (NO Wipe) and will be updated with new Classic Server 2.0 files. = 2 Classic Servers 2.0: Classic Erica x5 (Online) 2.0 - Continues with all Players data (NO Wipe) Classic Erica x5 (Pre Alpha) - New upcoming Server 2.0 - Fresh Start
  23. админ ответь пожалуйста и извини если не правильно поставил вопрос. Вопрос у меня такой. Вот на сервере на которым мы так долго играли он останется ? и будет ли он обнавлен или после тест сервера 2.0 откроится новый сервер ? что вообше произайдет ? спасибо
  24. Извиняется для задержки, но основа должна быть построена твердой для всего остального, чтобы остаться готовы для вас, ребята Просто подтвердил НПЦ должны быть разобраны первый перед нерестится OFC поэтому после того, как размножается анализатор завершена я затем начать работать над обновлением НПЦ анализатора Нерест анализатор составляет ~ 75% полная уже нерестится все мобы, но так как мобы не существуют на стороне сервера, оно не "создать" любую толпу внутри сервера территорий в настоящее время, как классический как мне тяжело порой вас понимать =( а вчем заключается сложность перенести мобов и нпц с уже готового сервера где мы играем и от туда отталкиватся и править ошибки ?
  25. Apologizes for the Delay but the base needs to be built solid for everything else to stay ready for you guys Just confirmed the Npcs will have to be parsed first before the spawns ofc so after the spawns parser completed i will then start working on the npcs parser update Spawns parser is ~75% complete already spawns all mobs, but since mobs dont exist on the server side it doesnt "create" any mob inside the server territories are now classic like
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