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  3. Guys i will have to go offline until Sunday due to Personal Matters Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
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  5. At the moment working at Skill's Parser - Conditions section
  6. Task's List Updated: Classic Spawns Classic Npcs Classic Skills Classic Skills Trees Classic Items Classic Achievement System Classic Recipes L2 Warpgate Parsers: Data Generator created by L2 Warpgate (Supreme) for L2 Warpgate exclusively providing a better faster reliable Classic data from all Official sources (Client and Web) without any guesses. Skill's Parser under Developments (Developed up to 75%)
  7. Админ помоги забыл PIN

    админ прочти лс! у меня на всех персах один и тоот же пин был! я все описал подробно в лс!
  8. някой да помогне

    Dear teschkar, As we both discussed at our Discord you already have this issue fixed correct? (Please write in English in main Sections)
  9. как да подкарам играта на windows xp Windows XP
  10. newbie area issues

    Windmill Hill respawn is fast , the Exp sux tho just like retail
  11. exicution grounds

    He's agressive in Official it will be updated with Npc's Parser
  12. exicution grounds

    They were updated with latest Helios 3.0 files now they are not aggressive anymore. But they have social aggro as when you hit onto some near mob they will all aggro on you. Don't know if this happens aswell on Official but i will confirm and report it back.
  13. exicution grounds

    the specters are no longer aggressive as of yesterday. they were the first day I hunted in that area and now are all passive.
  14. Release date / Data de Lançamento

    Eng Tank you Grateful PTBR Obrigado Grato
  15. Release date / Data de Lançamento

    Edited (First in English then in other language so everyone can understand. If possible Keep it in English mainly please) Editado (Tente escrever primeiramente em Inglês seguido pela sua lingua por favor mantendo assim o Fórum em geral Inglês para que todos percebam) Dear Gazola, En: Right on the top and at our homepage: Pt-Br: No Topo do Fórum e na nossa página (Atenção que Spring no Brasil será em Março, Abril ou Maio, sem data certa ainda): Sincerely, =HGM=Supreme
  16. Olá Supreme,

    Boa tarde (Falando aqui do Brasil), meu nome é Eduardo Sousa, joguei Lineage 2 nos tempos do C3 / C4 e depois parei por n questões da vida.

    Recentemente estava em um servidor que tinha uma grande proposta (High Five), mas infelizmente a staff não tinha experiência para administrá-lo, enfim...

    Naveguei pelo fórum e percebi o apreço, a postura e o profissionalismo que você e sua equipe estão conduzindo o projeto do Warpgate e quis com esta mensagem me apresentar e dizer que estou muito interessado em fazer parte da comunidade Warpgate.

    Gostaria de saber, se possível, se você já tem uma data de lançamento (pois infelizmente não encontrei no fórum) e/ou se já posso logar?

    Penso em trazer meu clan para cá.


    Desde já agradeço vossa atenção e uma excelente semana.

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    2. Riot


      Olá Supreme!

      Muito obrigado pela sua atenção e retorno tão prontamente.

      Vou baixar para logar no servidor sim. Após este período de pre-alpha tudo que eu tenha consquitado nele será zerado quando for realmente lançado? (Desculpe a pergunta noob. :$)



    3. Supreme


      Sim para que todos comecem da mesma maneira (limpos)

    4. Riot


      Perfeito Supreme!

      Muito obrigado pela sua atenção. Parabéns pelo seu profissionalismo e atenção aos futuros players da comunidade Warpgate.

      See ya.

  17. Hello I've been searching the forum and I did not find it, so I'm going to put my question here! I wonder if the ADM's have any forecast for when the official release of the server comes out? Do you have any predictions that you would like to be launching server? Or do you have any predictions, expectations, dates? Because I would like to be organizing my My CP's clan ... Português ( PTBR ) Olá estive procurando no fórum e não achei, então vou colocar minha dúvida aqui! Gostaria de saber se os ADM's tem alguma previsão para quando sai o lançamento oficial do servidor? Tem alguma previsão que vocês gostariam de estar lançando servidor ? Ou se tem alguma previsão, expectativa, com datas ? Pois gostaria de estar organizando meu clan Minhas CP's...
  18. Админ помоги забыл PIN

  19. Админ помоги забыл PIN

    Private Message me in English with your Account name, Account Password, Characters Names and Levels
  20. администрация помогите плиз. на персонаже WinRay забыл Pin Code как теперь быть ? 2 дня пытался вспомнить так не чего и не получилось есть скрины что перс мой есть логины и пароли но PIИ не помню помогите пожалуйста. что мне делать ?
  21. RATES SV.

    to mouni tou patera sou egw 8a to gamhsw.. gamw ton antixristo sou kai thn manoulitsa sou thn karia
  22. newbie area issues

    Thanks for your review! About Items (Quest Items showing in main inventory) check our Task's List for Items Stats and Prices (waits rework) and also check you will find some of the issues which are waiting reworks aswell from our task's list:
  23. newbie area issues

    Hi, thanks for the server I'm enjoying it so far but found a few things that seem off. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be part of classic 2 since I've never played an official classic server but here's what I found. Talking island - 1. spiders and golems at the north end of the island are associated, attacking a spider will cause the golems to attack, this has never been the case in any version I've ever played previously. Elven Ruins - 1. mobs in elven ruins are all associated, if you hit one all nearby will attack. For example hitting a bat or skeleton in the circular room at end of hall makes the stone golems attack. this happens with all mobs in that dungeon that I've killed so far. 2. In both regular and classic versions I've played the orc archers in the dungeon are normally passive, they don't seem to be on this server. 3. In the first room on the left after entering the elven ruins, the orc archer that spawns in the back seems to always get stuck on the pillar in the middle of the room and can't attack the player. Windmill hill - 1. I think the spawn speed is a bit too fast especially in this location. I was able to sit in the middle of 3 mobs and their spawn was so fast that I always had at least 1 on screen. this isn't normal compared to other servers ive tried. not sure if its a bug or intentional just thought id share. General observations regardless of location - 1. Quest items show up in main inventory, not sure why that is but I don't think that's normal. 2. In official versions and most private server's, I've always seen at least a 1-2 second delay after spawning before mobs agro. in every fight against aggressive mobs in my 20 levels so far there is no agro delay and they are usually nearly on top of you when they show on your screen. Here's a suggestion \ thought I've had on every single private server and even official L2 after they increased low-level XP. I've always thought that the under LVL 20 quest's should have their total item turn in reduced by 50% to 75% so that they are still viable quests. no one is going to kill LVL 4 and 5 wolves to get the 50 pelts needed when they are gray before you have half of them collected. You out level newbie quests far before you acquire all the parts. it makes far more sense that for the junk gear you get as a reward it should only take like 10 pelts. that would make all the newbie quests far more useful and people might actually do them again. I remember when L2 first came out, doing the LVL 3 wolf pelt quests on TI a dozen times until my GF and I had all our gear slots filled with the weapon sellers junk loot before moving on to a new quest and by the time we moved on we were only LVL 10 or so. to me that seems to be the intent of the quest back then leveling was soo slow you had time to quest. Now there's no point until your level 40+ if you complete a quest you wasted your time due to out leveling the area half way thru.
  24. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Ok. TY man Obrigado
  25. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Sendo o esclarecimento igual então irá funcionar da mesma maneira que no Oficial.
  26. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Isso mesmo se o UP em CC o XP sera dividido para todos os membros do CC próximo ao UP Pelo que sei o SERVIDOR OFICIAL funciona. e gostaria de saber se aqui também ira funcionar That's even if the UP in CC XP will be split for all CC members next to UP That's even if the UP in CC XP will be split for all CC members next to UP From what I know the OFFICIAL SERVER works. And I would like to know if it will work here too. Obrigado Thank you
  27. Dualsword

    Hello grubber, We haven't updated Item Stats yet. Check our Task List:
  28. Saviors x5 Development Task List

    Não entendi a sua pergunta. CC = Command Channel? up AOE = upando com skills em área (AOE Skills) com uma party e command channel? Se CC significa para Command Channel e se eventualmente no Classic Oficial a crónica está feita para se obter XP com command channel então teremos também aqui. -------------------------------- CC = Command Channel? up AOE = exping with AOE Skills with a Party and Command Channel? If CC does mean Command Channel in your context and eventually Official Classic is made for this feature (exp is shared with command channel) then we will have it aswell.
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